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Avaklavir (Ah-vah-klah-veer)

"Do you truly see me as such a cruel tyrant? All things in life need Order. Without it, you would be left to wander through the dark, with no sense of guidance to bring you to the peace you desire. We are as necessary as the air you breathe, for one cannot live a life of Chaos alone. Dear child, for so long you have been lost in the darkness, that you can no longer feel the warmth of our flames, nor the soothe of our light... It aches us so."
    The creator of the Drükavir, Avaklavir is one of the three Overseers of Ayvenfael. Known as the Sun Father to many, Avaklavir was devoured by their twin, Serilith.   The very definition of a "gentle giant", Avaklavir may seem intimidating with all their fiery flare and stern gaze, but deep down exudes a tender warmth towards others. They value life of all sorts, whether created by themself, or by others, as they enjoy watching them thrive.   Avaklavir is a rather humble and hardworking creator, as they enjoy doing everything they can to ensure that Order is brought to those who need it. This often has led to them working themself to the point of exhaustion, as they find it hard to stop any task that they have already set themself to complete. However, this also can lead to them having tunnel vision on anything that has their focus, as their desire to bring Order can make them rigid in whatever actions they find necessary to take.   Their kind heart made them well-loved by their Creations, and they have been known to visit them often to mingle and observe them.
Divine Classification
God of Order, the Flame and Earth
They / Them | He / Him
Masculine Leaning
Black Sclera / Golden Irises | Silver Pupils
Crimson / Gold Nebulae
40'3" (1,226.82 cm)
Sexuality: Pansexual   Alignment: Lawful

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