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Sidériah (Sih-day-ree-ah)

Natusaris Sidériah, commonly known as "Sidériah", are a race of cosmic beings with immense power. Their name meaning "Born From The Stars", these celestial creatures came into existence from a being known as "The Grand Engineer". They are tasked with upholding the balance of the universe alongside the Umbréah and filling the vast cosmos with life. As such, these beings are often known as deities to lesser forms of life.

Basic Information


  Unlike many other species, the Sidériah are not restricted to one singular form or appearance. They are capable of appearing in a variety of shapes and sizes, not only due to the many classifications of Sidériah that exist but also due to their ability to glamour themselves into whatever appearance they deem necessary to take. There are however some uniform traits that can be observed within all variants of these cosmic deities in their base forms.  
Sidériahn Cores
      The many crystals that are upon a Sidériah's form are necessary for their ability to maintain their physical manifestations. As walking celestial entities, these gem-like conduits of power exist as a reflection of the true cosmic form of the Sidériah. While the amount of and shape of these gems varies depending on the size and class of a Sidériah, all Sidériah possess at least one upon the center of their forehead and one upon their chest. These function as their primary Cores.   The primary core upon their chest is the "heart" of their body. It regulates and controls their physical manifestation, and is what allows them to take a form that can physically interact with other beings. Without this core, a Sidériah cannot take a true shape. If the core becomes damaged in any way, it can cause destabilization in the Sidériah's ability to glamour or hold their physical form. However, if the core is destroyed, the Sidériah will lose their physical form, and be forced into a state of hibernation in order to recover. By feeding off the energy of the cosmos, a Sidériah is able to reform or repair this core. This takes a considerable amount of time depending on the size and class of Sidériah. Larger classes, such as a Supercluster, will take far longer to regain the energy to reform than a Galaxy class does, for example.   The primary core upon their head houses their true consciousness. This is the true lifeforce and home of the mind of the Sidériah, and therefore is far more devastating if it is damaged. Although it takes a considerable amount of energy and force to cause damage to these cores, the consequences of their consciousness being attacked signal the beginning of the end of their life. A damaged Sidériah will continue to deteriorate, and can only prolong their lives by feeding upon other cosmic entities. However, this only delays the inevitable, as a Sidériah cannot repair their mind without the aid of a higher power. If the core upon their head is shattered, the Sidériah perishes, and cannot resurrect.  
    The markings on a Sidériah's skin have a purpose that goes beyond just decoration. While every Sidériah has their own unique marking pattern, they primarily concentrate around areas where Sidériahn cores are. This is because these markings are actually leylines that help to distribute a Sidériah's energy throughout their physical form. As a Sidériah grows older and larger in size, more of these leylines will appear on their body.  
Quad Ears
      One curious trait about the Sidériah, particularly those of the Galaxy and Supercluster classes, is that they all possess four ears. The first set of ears is capable of hearing the entirety of the audible spectrum in planetary environments. Everything from infrasonic all the way to ultrasonic can be heard by a Sidériah. The second set of ears however, possesses a far more interesting capability.   The second pair of ears grant a Sidériah the ability to detect frequencies through the vacuum of space. This gives them the capability of being able to hear the sounds of the cosmos while they are traveling through space.   Planetary class Sidériah are the only class that has one set of ears. This is due to the fact that they do not travel beyond their planetary body, and therefore do not require the ability to hear beyond what is in their world.  
Cosmic Form
      When a Sidériah manifests for the first time, the form they take is considered to be their true, or "Cosmic", form. These Cosmic forms are massive in size, dwarfing most other celestial bodies by comparison. While the appearance of these forms varies from individual to individual, they still retain the common traits of their species.   This form is primarily taken when a Sidériah is traveling through the cosmos or needs to feed upon solar energy and radiation to maintain their strength. It is common for Sidériah in their Cosmic form to cloak themselves by reflecting the space around them. To the naked eye, one would only see starlight when gazing upon a cloaked Sidériah. However, some more advanced instruments may be able to detect minor distortions in the illusion. Due to the sheer size of a Sidériah in this form, it is unlikely for most to be able to notice, unless somehow being able to view the one traveling from a great distance.   Most Sidériah prefer to take more humanoid forms when walking upon the surface of a world, but they are capable of glamouring into a much more compact version of their cosmic form if they so choose.  
Glamouring Ability
  All Sidériah possess the ability to glamour themselves to take on a variety of forms. This ability is primarily used to give the Sidériah the ability to walk upon the worlds they create unhindered, while also disguising themselves among the normal population of the world. The purpose of a glamour is to provide camouflage for a Sidériah, so that they do not distress or disrupt the natural order of the world. Interactions with lesser lifeforms are meant to be kept to a minimum, in order to prevent their populations from becoming too reliant on their Creators.   It takes little effort for a Sidériah to maintain their glamour, and in some circumstances, they can even cast a glamour on another being in order to disguise them as well. However, glamours cannot be used to disguise one being into another existing being. Many physical traits, such as facial structure, will carry over to the disguised form, within the limitations of the species that is being mimicked.   While it is considered rude within Sidériahn etiquette to reveal a Sidériah's true being in front of others when they are glamoured, it is a common protocol that visiting Sidériah alert their kin that oversees a world of their arrival, in order to request permission to walk among their people.  


    With the cosmos requiring several stations to be maintained in order to keep the balance of existence, the Sidériah are divided into multiple classifications. Each class has its own purpose and abilities, and they are expected to uphold their station once they have reached maturity.  

Planetary Class

    Sidériah of the Planetary class are the smallest of all of their star-born kin. Unlike other Sidériah, Planetaries only have one set of ears, and only two Sidériahn cores: one on their forehead, and one on their chest. Their cores are the only ones that can only be spherical in shape. This is due to the fact that Planetary Sidériah are not born within a stellar nursery, but are created by those of the Galaxy class, within the core of the planet they embody.   Planetary Sidériah are unique in that they exist as the spirit of a world that can support life upon its surface. Not every planet that is made by a Galaxy Sidériah will have a Planetary Sidériah within it. They are rare creations that can only be formed when certain conditions are met. However, despite their rarity, their existence is crucial in allowing life to be able to flourish and evolve.   The Planetary class have a long period of time where they are considered to be children and must be tended to and watched over by their Creator. Planetary Sidériah are primarily responsible in creating the floral and fauna life that will populate the world, while Galaxy Sidériah are in charge of creating sentient life if they choose to do so. As life goes through its natural evolution, the Planetary class is taught how to oversee life upon their surface.   Although the form they take is of their own personal preference, most Planetary Sidériah will take animal-like forms when they wish to manifest upon their own surface. However, Planetaries are rather clandestine beings by nature, and prefer to remain out of sight of lesser lifeforms. In some rare cases, if the sentient life upon their surface is advanced and can be trusted enough, Planetaries may choose to take more humanoid forms to interact and work with them.   Unlike the other classes of Sidériah, Planetaries are null-sex. While they may take physical forms that resemble masculine or feminine features, they possess no reproductive organs and are incapable of siring or carrying children.  
Galaxy Class
    Sometimes called the "Architects of Life", these Sidériah are the physical embodiment of galaxies and are tasked with creating new life within the universe. Their cores and hair reflect their star-born existence, showcasing a brilliant display of stars and nebulae that are a constant reminder of what they truly are.   Galaxy class Sidériah primarily focus not only on forming new worlds and stars to populate the cosmos but also on breathing life into these worlds. Most sentient beings are created by these cosmic entities, which has often earned them the moniker of "deities" by lesser lifeforms. While not true Gods or Goddesses, many choose to accept these titles in order to simplify what they are to their creations.   It is fairly common for Galaxy Sidériah to spend time with the progenitors of the new species they create, but they will often withdraw their interaction with further generations until they reach a far more advanced level of growth. This is to ensure that the life they have created does not become too reliant on their Creator, and can function on their own.   Being the Creator of the Planetary Sidériah, the Galaxy class oversees a planet's growth and progression, tending to it until the world's soul reaches a point of maturity that it can handle itself. Once a Planetary fully matures, the Galaxy class will move on to creating and tending to another world. This cycle continues throughout a Galaxy's lifespan until they run out of fuel and no longer have the strength to create. However, the life of a Galaxy class Sidériah can be prolonged, if they choose to merge with another Sidériah.   Merging with other Sidériah is the only way that a Galaxy class can ever reach the next stage of their life, and become a Supercluster.    
Supercluster Class
  The next stage of life for many Galaxy Sidériah, those who reach the Supercluster class oversee a far greater amount of the cosmos. As the eldest and largest of the Sidériahn architects, Superclusters hold the lives of many planets and species within their system. At first glance, Supercluster Sidériah look similar to the Galaxy class. However, they have larger, and more numerous cores upon their body due to their far more massive size.   Due to their age and size, Supercluster Sidériah are often charged with mentoring younger Sidériah to help hone their powers of creation. Many Superclusters will take on this mentoring role, regardless of whether or not the younger Sidériah was born from them.   Superclusters are considered to be at the top of the Sidériahn hierarchy and are looked to for wisdom, guidance, and support by the rest of their kind. Although they do still create new planets and new life, their primary focus is on helping the younger generations and populating the universe with more of their own kind.      

Genetics and Reproduction

When it comes to Sidériah, reproduction is different from most lifeforms. Except for the Planetary class, all Sidériah are dual-sex, meaning they carry both masculine and feminine genitalia. They all have the capability of both being a Sire or a Dam. However, Sidériah do not always need to reproduce through sexual contact. Instead, Sidériah can create offspring through a process similar to parthenogenesis. A new Sidériah is made not from sharing genetic material but by taking a piece from an existing galaxy and forming it into a new primordial Sidériahn core. This process can be accomplished alone or with a partner.   Once the core is formed, it is placed within a stellar nursery where the new life will feed upon its surroundings until it is strong enough to manifest its physical form. Sidériahn genetics do not work the same way that most other creatures do. For one, Sidériahn offspring do not typically inherit physical traits from their parents. When a Sidériah is old enough to manifest their physical form, it is of their creation, not something that is inherited. Therefore, any similarities between parent and offspring are done by choice, not design.   A new Sidériah learning to manifest its cosmic form can take up to a millennium. During this time, the parents will nurture and care for the budding galaxy until it chooses its astral form. From there, tutoring begins from the parents and Supercluster mentors to prepare them for the future. Most Sidériah will only create one child at a time, with twins being rare. Because creating a new Sidériah takes a piece of the parents to occur, most Sidériah will only choose to create new children once every one million years.

Dietary Needs and Habits

As celestial entities, these beings do not need to eat food like most lesser beings in order to survive. Instead, Sidériah feed upon the energy of the cosmos itself in order to fuel themselves. Radiation is a primary source of fuel for them, and does not harm or damage them in any way. This means that as long as there is nothing to prevent them from taking in radiation from the cosmos, a Sidériah can never truly starve.   However, despite their lack of need to eat or drink, many Sidériah do in fact enjoy eating or drinking for the pleasure of it. While visiting the worlds they watch over, it is common for a glamoured Sidériah to try some of the local cuisines while they are blending in.   Curiously enough, even though they can eat any sort of food they come across with no consequence, they can still experience flavors they love, or do not enjoy, and have preferences just like any other lesser lifeform. Some will even go as far as to bring back the sources of these foods or drinks in order to cultivate or make them for themselves within their own realm.


  As a young Sidériah grows and begins to learn their place in the universe, they will eventually begin to discover their Embodiments. A Sidériah's Embodiments are the essence of their truest self, an aspect of life that serves as their very driving force in creation. Each Sidériah has a primary Embodiment that encompasses the whole of what they are, but some may discover and master several lesser embodiments as they grow older. The rate of time that each Sidériah learns their Embodiments varies, but all must come to discover their primary one before they are tasked with creating their first world.    Embodiments serve not only as a guiding force for each individual Sidériah but also as a blueprint for the life they will create. Sentient species created by a Sidériah will carry a part of the essence of their creator's Embodiment, helping to shape their evolution and progression in life.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Astral Council
  The Astral Council is a gathering of the highest order of Sidériah, overseeing thirteen Domains of Creation. Each domain is ruled over by three Supercluster Sidériah whose Embodiments help to maintain the Law of Creation that they govern.   The thirteen Domains of the Council are as follows:  
  • Law of Purpose
  • Law of Potential
  • Law of Grace
  • Law of Surrender
  • Law of Action
  • Law of Rhythm
  • Law of Free Will
  • Law of Vibration
  • Law of Cause & Effect
  • Law of Wisdom
  • Law of Evolution
  • Law of Polarity
  • Law of Love
  Regular meetings are done between the council members in order to keep one another up to date with any changes that may be occurring within the universe that require their attention. Should an anomaly appear that could seriously affect the natural order of life, or be considered a danger to the cosmos, the council will call forth the Celestial Court to discuss how to handle the potential problem.   The Celestial Court consists of the council themselves, as well as the leaders of the Rëprobri, and the head of the Umbréah, Eryadannus. In extreme circumstances, one of the Sephorouijiuhm may be present to act as the voice of the Grand Engineer themself.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Rëprobri Āngjheim

    Known by many as the "Star Shepherds", the Rëprobri Āngjheim have a close relationship with the Sidériah. While young Sidériah are mentored primarily by the elders of their kind on how to use their abilities, the Rëprobri act as an afflatus or guiding light for the star-born architects.   For some Sidériah, a connection known as the Nexus Animarum can be formed with a Rëprobri. This bond is considered sacred, as it is only possible if the souls of both Rëprobri and Sidériah are harmonized and compatible. As such, partaking in the rite of their bond is an exceptionally intimate experience, as it is a sharing of their very souls, allowing each to hold the keys to their Anaryiuhn-Vervitorhn, more commonly known as their "inward realm". This connection enables them to enter one another's realm and gives them safe passage within their labyrinths that would otherwise confuse and disorient intruders.   Because this bond links their souls together, both sides become fiercely protective of the other. It is considered rude for one Sidériah to touch another's bonded Rëprobri without permission, due to them holding the key to such a vulnerable place.   With such a deep connection made, it is not uncommon for those who have completed the Nexus to become intimate with one another and embrace matehood. Even the act of forming the bond itself, due to the euphoria that is felt between both sides, can be seen as a declaration of love for their partner. However, the love shared is not always inherently that of a mated pair and can be completely platonic as well.   Once the bond has been completed, the Rëprobri becomes hands-on with guiding their Sidériah and remains partnered with them throughout their lifetime. While they will often help to oversee the creation of a world, they may also aid the lesser lifeforms on the world if there are any external threats to their natural progression and evolution.   While most Sidériah view the Rëprobri as kindred spirits, there are some who remain skeptical and suspicious of their stellar cousins, due to who their creator is.
Scientific Name
Natusaris Sidériah
Billions Of Years
Average Height

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