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Reon Kin'Ghaard

''I don't talk about him, but I think about him a lot.'' - Malkisaidek

To honour Queen Mon’Na’s menes'ha ancestry, her son was given two names: Ahog – by King Rhamas, and Reon – by Mon’Na. As a child, Ahog’Reon noticed his parents’ fear of Dayani King Kole Bagvush and frequent mentions of him during arguments. The young prince’s serene life tumbled soon following his sister Qalethia’s birth. Mon’Na confronted Rhamas, calling him out for allowing Kole’s continuous abuse of her. Enraged Rhamas beat her mercilessly, leading to Mon’Na dying in Ahog’Reon’s arms.

Several years after the incident, Speri King Klaeon contacted Ahog’Reon, offering an alliance against Rhamas and Kole. He informed the prince about a possible Nature Anraakh mage living on the Three-headed Hill. Ahog’Reon stole the Sky Anraakh book piece from Rhamas, fled his home and erased Ahog off his name.  

Up on the hill

"I was desperate, a sole boy fleeing from an army. Running up a great mountain, with no energy, no hope, only a book in my hands I didn't know why I protected. That's when I saw the saviour, a shadow in front of the beaming Sun. A horde of tree people charged down the hill, arrows piercing my pursuers. He could have killed me just as effortlessly. Before I knew it, a hundred-man army was engulfed in earth. I became a ghost to my father."

Malkisaidek helped Reon decipher the Sky Anraakh book. The two stayed in the nature mage’s hut for several years, until Reon got accustomed to the star's magic. Reon watched as Malkisaidek buried his home, after which the two made their way to Klaeon’s castle. The king welcomed them as an adoptive father.

The Preparations

The Vinwardisi Forest became Reon and Malkisaidek’s base of operations. The two spread the word of Malkisaidek Tsiskari, the Spirit of Rebellion, who’d reclaim the throne from the wretched Bagvushs. The most notable additions to the rebellion were Prisela and Lavran Lavvaleys, Klays Bjeng, and Qaitlen, whom Reon fell in love with. The two soon married. When Lavran had a bastard and intended to put him in an orphanage, Reon pitied the newborn and adopted Piino as his own.

by Nincho
Legendary Malak'hi King Ahog'Reon
Kingdom of Khaba'Ardia
Mon'Na Kin'Ghaard
Rhamas Ushkhvan
Qaitlen Vinwardisi
Piino; Rai'Laith; Rham'Ussu; Marg'Hara
Current Status
2077 AR/ADF 2125 AR/ADF 48 years old
Circumstances of Death
Poisoned during a feast
Green with blue dots
Long, straight, orange
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Light olive
2.05 metres
105 kg

Day of the Rebellion

Malkisaidek’s rebellion commenced as Rhamas was visiting Kole’s castle. During their duel, Rhamas left a wide gash on Reon’s head but was soon overwhelmed by his son. Thunderous cracks spread as Reon repeatedly punched Rhamas, crushing his skull. After tossing the bloodied gauntlets onto the corpse, Reon stood frozen until the rebellion was over.

During the celebration feast, Reon asked crowned Malkisaidek about future plans and reforms, only for the king to shrug him off. It was the moment Reon realised Malkisaidek desired the throne for its own sake.

The Confession

Years after Malkisaidek’s ascension, Klays asked Reon to help pregnant Prisela escape Queen Borena. To keep Prisela’s location a secret, Reon lied, saying he killed Malkisaidek’s lover. Fearing his friend’s wrath, Reon brought him on a ship, knowing it would cease Malkisaidek’s magic, and confessed.

"I understand."

The Grand Metal War

Soon after the war began, the Amaar Empire awoke a slumbering Amaar. Reon confronted the colossal beast, taking excessive magic from his star and decapitating the creature. But the battle exhausted Reon’s body, leaving it without magic and greatly reducing his lifespan.

The tides changed when the Amaar Empire imprisoned Reon’s sons Piino and Rai’Laith. Using Piino’s portals and Rai’Laith’s intel, Padishah Altassan landed a devastating attack on Malkisaidek’s forces. The assault became known as the Massacre at Shadis-Shababa. To regain the upper hand and save his sons, Reon contacted his star.
"Wish to regain my magic? It's doable. Sacrifice your children's link to stars, that is all.
A fair price, Kin'Ghaard."
With renewed magic and body, Reon rejoined the war. After Malkisaidek’s son Paralansarr freed Piino and Rai’Laith, Reon looked in terror at Piino’s dire condition. He never blamed Rai’Laith for breaking, but the guilt-ridden son took his own life.

Several months later, Piino struck Altassan’s castle, overwhelming his defences. Reon forced his son Rham’Ussu to massacre Altassan’s family and made the padishah watch the bloodshed.
The war ceased the day Reon killed the eldest Firozi Prince Takkur, while Malkisaidek ended Firozi Maharaja Dahaab.

The Feast

Four years after the Grand Metal War, Malkisaidek held a feast. As expected, the king demanded everyone to eat his favourite fish meals. Only Reon dared to refuse. It started with a faint cough, which turned into wheezing as Reon gasped for breath. The swollen tongue prevented him from uttering a single word as he collapsed. Reon Kin’Ghaard was dead.

Notable relationships

Reon wholeheartedly adored Malkisaidek and believed his tales. But the faith dwindled as time passed. Nevertheless, he stayed by his friend’s side. He was aware of Malksaidek’s childishness, arrogance and delusions, but respected the king’s perseverance. Reon was the ruler behind the scenes, handling issues before they reached Malkisaidek.

Deep down, Reon was afraid of Malkisaidek, especially his explosive temper. However, Reon was the rare exception who dared to refuse the king.

Reon deeply cared for his mother and tried to comfort her. He felt sorrow for not remembering Mon’Na’s face, only recalling what she looked like before her death.

Reon viewed Klaeon as a caring father-figure. However, he suspected the king's possible ulterior motives and didn't trust him completely.

"I have never encountered a child this competent."

Reon and Qaitlen had a loving and trusting relationship. Reon freely let go of the hard exterior and shared his worries.

"He was tough at times, but it's his toughness I miss the most."

Reon considered Piino his son and ensured he felt welcomed. During the Massacre at Shadis-Shababa, he never suspected Piino of revealing the information.

"He was the greatest teacher, mentor and father I could have asked for."

Rai'Laith was supposed to be Reon's successor as the next amirspasalari. Yet, Reon didn't consider his son's soft nature and lack of interest in warfare. Rai’Laith’s death devastated Reon, making him terrified of losing another child.

"The boy had a potential, I saw it. A shame it was cut short."

After losing Rai’Laith, Reon rigorously trained young Rham’Ussu, without keeping his thoughts and emotions in mind. He didn’t regret sacrificing his son’s magic, even when acknowledging Rham’Ussu’s resentment because of it.

"He had an ego, his ways, his creed. He hurt people, but he made them strong."

Reon completely changed his approach with Marg’Hara. He had no expectations or plans for her, fully supporting her dream of becoming a Khalib.

"His smile was warmer than my forge."

Ever since the rebellion, Klays had been Reon’s confidant in political matters. Both acknowledged Malkisaidek’s flaws and took matters into their own hands.

"Hurts to say, but it was expected."

Initially, Reon was annoyed at Lavran's shortsightedness and impulsive nature. Over the years, he came to respect Lavran's sense of responsibility and cautiousness.

"He was a man you could learn a lot from."

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