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Cult of the Nine


The Cult of the Nine formed following the Siege of Arkran and the subsequent official end of the Cataclysm Wars. The Council of Nine had followers in every city and location on the continent and following the fall of the Council themselves, these followers formed their own network. There was a rumour that Astrona Emberwild, the Council's leader, had found a way to preserve her and her fellow Council members' lives beyond death. The rumour stated that the secret to this ritual is held within Astrona's Amulet, which was seemingly destroyed along with Astrona herself in the final act of the Siege of Arkran. The Cult believed the real Amulet still exists and dedicated its purpose to find it in order to return the Council to life.  

An Intermittent Nuisance

For the Lawkeepers and soldiers of the continent, the Cult of the Nine is regarded as an intermittent nuisance. The Cult tends to cause trouble every few decades or so, whenever rumours of the Amulet's location strengthen. The Cult will stop at nothing to retrieve it. However, none of these rumours have panned out and large portions of the Cult end up either killed or jailed in their attempts to achieve their mission each time they rise to prominence within Aldenia. The last time the Cult were seen in large numbers was around thirty years ago and they have been quiet ever since.  


The Cult of the Nine have never ever been entirely banished from the world. The typical structure that has been observed is there is one Cult Leader for the entire group, but the Cult itself is split into many smaller sects that band together when the time comes. However, there is always seems to be a sect remaining to take over the burden of their mission should the current leader fail.  


The Cult, when in their own internal settings, wear black robes emblazoned with their symbol - a hollow circle with nine small circles around the outside. This symbol is supposedly meant to represent a portal with the Nine around it. This is perhaps a reference to the portal that Krotar Shadowthane created to bring Mohzall into this realm. Some argue that The Council's true endgame was bringing something much worse, the mysterious 'He' mentioned in Astrona's journal in The Combined Notes of The Dark Council and the portal on the Cult's symbol is actually a reference to that instead.
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