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Welcome to Avoranic!

  I want to welcome you to Avoranic - a world that is home to several short stories and novels by Tricia Johansson/Trix Joyce. On this page, you can read all the wiki articles and see behind-the-scenes for the novels and stories of Avoranic. Here is where the world of Avoranic is explained to others. You can also read the chapters of my short stories and novels about Avoranic here as well as reading the comics that are also taking place in Avoranic.

I also use this world for my solo RPG sessions.

Read more about this world in this information article: Welcome to Avoranic

Short stories

All the short stories here are in English and are different stories with different (but also sometimes the same) characters, but they all take place in Avoranic. Read more on the link below.
Short Stories from Avoranic


My main novel about Avoranic is in Swedish and is called "Hennes Kopia". Read more on the link below (Swedish only).
Hennes Kopia - Swedish fantasy novel


I also create comics that take place in Avoranic. You can visit them at the link below.
The Comics of Avoranic

Music soundtrack

I even have music for this world which I create myself since I'm also a musician. The music pages are a work in progress. Please visit my dedicated music world "Cagiu" meanwhile it comes to life here!
Avoranic Music Records

Solo RPG

I play D&D by myself using this world as a base. You can read more about it below.
About my Solo D&D Campaign

© Everything on Avoranic is protected by copyright law and is owned by Trix Joyce. Always ask for permission if you want to use something from this world.


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You can find my website at www.trixjoyce.com for more creativity and info about me!

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