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The Alwacas are dangerous myth (Alvakkas)

Describe the myth surrounding a creature in your world.   Elflings are small elves and in Avoranic they are often called Alwacas and Elflings interchangably. They are told to be scary, and even the warriors and knights are scared of them, even though they would never admit it.   The government want to exclude them from everything in Avoranic, the only people who refuses to discriminate to them is a few of the Oracles and the Queen herself. That's why many people don't like the Queen, because she is "too nice" according to the people.   The reason why the Oracles and the Queen don't want to exclude them is because there is no evidence for them being of any harm to the planet or the society. People just blame them for everything, but there is no real evidence.   When something bad happens, the mind automatically goes to the Alwacas. Some groups and classes in the Avoranican society want to get rid of the Alwaca race totally. They want to kill them, lock them up and destroy their very existence.   Thankfully, there are anti-discrimination laws in Avoranic, but some groups are trying to get them changed.