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Welcome to Avoranic

Welcome to Avoranic!

This world is a never-ending work in progress.

About this world and why it's messy and what it's for!

First off, this is my working space for my Swedish fantasy (book series) "Porten till Avoranic", and that means that it can look messy for everyone outside my brain, so pretty much everyone that isn't me... I'm sorry about that. But with time it will be clearer and it will be more like an interactive behind-the-scenes wiki when the first book eventually is finished. Whenever that is... I don't know yet.

This world and homepage is mostly created for me as a writing tool, but that doesn't mean you can't take part in the process and see what ideas I come up with! You can explore Avoranic on it own terms, and use your own imagination. However, everything is copyrighted here, from illustrations, to text and intellectual property. So use it with responsibility.

So although this is messy (like my virtual office) you can still get inspired and see how it slowly builds up. And if you end up reading my books, then it's even more awesome of course! But this world can be viewed just on it's own as well (even though it can be confusing at times).

I decided to keep this world public just for the sake of sharing my creativity and writing process with the world! Sharing is caring, like they say...

Who is the creator/writer?

My name is Tricia Johansson but my artist name is Trix Joyce most of the time. I'm a 30 years old writer, illustrator, musician and world-builder. I came up with the name "Avoranic" in 2010! I love Solo RPG like D&D, and I especially enjoy writing and fiction writing. Right now I'm writing on several book projects, however, the main project is a Swedish fantasy novel - the first one in a whole series of books - that takes places here in Avoranic. But I'm not just writing fantasy. I'm also writing on a project, an LGBTQ+/mystery novel, that is fiction but not in the genre of fantasy or sci-fi.

Other things I like to do is playing the piano and make my own soundtracks to my imagination and stories and of course, I'm geeky and love gaming on the Nintendo Switch etc.

In my day-to-day life I'm studying theology and philosophy at Christian Leaders College and work as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.

This is Tricia Johansson/Trix Joyce in real life, the creator of Avoranic.