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Crystallized thoughts

Write about a wholesome gift in your world. What is it made from and what makes it such a lovely gift?   Some magicians can select one thought and capture it in a type of crystal-like mass and then give it away to anyone they like as a gift. When the receiver puts their finger on the mark in the crystal where the thought is, they can hear the thought out loud, but it's only possible to hear for the receivers. It's described by many as a soft voice that reads up a sentence or a word.   This is usually done in a positive way and very rarely in a negative way. For threats and bad messages, there are other ways to communicate them, and this is the least popular one for negative purposes in Avoranic.   So when receiving a crystallized thought most Avoranicans assume it's a gift from someone they love or someone they met with a special bond to them.   The only time someone got a crystallized thought as a threat was when Cassidy Mae became the queen of Avoranic. What the thought was about remains a secret to this day, since Cassidy never wants to talk about it. This is unusual as mentioned, because to give threats in the form of a crystallized thought is a difficult task to do, even for a very experienced wizard or magician.
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