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Amaala Rinan (Amála Rínnan)

Who is the most famous living (or dead) artist in your world?
  Amaala Rinan, born in 1995, became one of the youngest musicians and multi-tasking artists of her time. But fame has its price and she wanted to control the people who were her fans, and soon enough everybody else too. With her magic musical instruments - she had many of them, from flutes to string instruments, she was playing the most beautiful hymns, and the listeners became hypnotized by them. 
  When the authorities capture her doing this with an oracle going undercover as a fan, protected by an energetic shield, she was sentenced to serve time in prison. She was sentenced to 15 years but died after only 2 after getting a rare illness. 
  Her ghost does still haunt that prison to this day, and many myths are being spread about her true motivation for her crimes and the cause of the illness.