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You should've listened

"Don't do that again!" she yelled in his face.
"Don't do what?" he grinned in that annoying and rude manner that became more and more usual for him.
She jumped up from the couch and stared at him.
"I'm warning you!"
"Don't be so goddamn helpless all the time! It's just me being a man doing what a man does"

He grinned again and she felt the tears burning in her eyes.
"Crybaby!" he said in that belittling manner she was so used to now.

Then it happened. When he looked at her face and her open mouth, he didn't even need to ask what she was doing because a grey disgustingly torn-apart demon appeared from her throat and her body fell to the ground.
"What the actual fu..?" he gasped and was prepared to run as far as he could. But he didn't have enough time.

"I told you to not beat me up and use me again. It's killing my soul. Now it's my turn to tear apart yours!" the demon grumbled and grinned back at the man, just as he grinned earlier.