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A sci-fi fantasy on a massive scale. Set in our current time, the Walren empire controls that majority of the milky way galaxy, constantly displaying the war-mongering tendencies by attacking anyone around them. All this while earth remains oblivious due to laws forbidding interference in primitive race planets that exist in Kadar territory where Earth is located. The Walren and Kadar are the oldest races in the galaxy, mortal enemies for their entire history as far as even the oldest of prehistoric records display. Much more recently a new empire has made an appearance in the galaxy, the Saurians. The came from outside the known universe, wiping out the pirate/barbarian territory previously owned by the chameleons and claiming it for their own. When first contact was made with the Walren empire, naturally a war occurred, lasting many years before languages could be translated and a resolution could be made. Centuries and numerous wars and conflicts later, an extremely tenuous peace hold throughout the galaxy... but for how long?   Major Empires:   Walren Empire   Saurian Empire   Kadar Cabal   Foxan Court   Minotaur Dictatorship   Voyd Enclave   Atalanti Republic   Reorganized Republic of Tortilia   Pola Empire   Sibrian Commonwealth   Onikron Empire   Basic Race Overviews:   Walren   Saurians   Kadar   Foxans   Minotaur   Voyd   Atalanti   Tortilian    Pola    Sibrian   Onikron