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FNV Edovan

The FNV Edovan formerly the IJNS is a commissioned warship of the Federation Navy, formerly of the Jeraci Navy. It was captured by the Operation Sanctuary Task Force and used as a lure for the rest of the 83rd Attack Group.   The Edovan was built in 4730, as the third ship in the Romano Assault Heavy Cruiser Class. Built to join the 3rd Armada, the Edovan would instead join the 83rd Attack Group after it's formation (4748), after a falling out in relations between the Captain of the Edovan and the Fleet Admiral. When Admiral Franceso took his fleet into Federation space without official sanction, the Edovan joined him, where upon the ship was declared hostile to both Federation and Jeraci Naval authorities.   For the next 12 years, the Edovan assisted in many attacks against Federation shipping, occasionally being involved in pitched battles against the Federation Navy. The Edovan was one of 5 ships that captured Lando D.B Marshall, prompting the creation of the Operation Sanctuary Task Force. When returning to the rest of the fleet, the Jeraci group encountered Blaze's Syndicate, Franceso intended to use "Blaze" as a way to gain access to the Federation criminal market, the Edovan gave chase.    Before the pirate vessel could be captured however, Federation Navy cruisers arrived, forcing the Edovan to flee, but not before it was identified.
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