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Federation Navy Chief of Lightspeed Travel

A role dedicated fully to Faster Than Light Travel

Chief get me a read! I need us in lightspeed ASAP.   Copy that Captain, just a few more moments, we're working through the last calculations now.   Work faster, or you won't have an engine to utilize in our jump.
  The Federation Navy Chief of Lightspeed Travel was a role within the Federation Interstellar Navy dedicated to performing Faster Than Light Travel on Federation Navy warships. They had at their command a group of around a dozen Federation Navy Crewman, whose sole role was to calculate and perform a lightspeed jump. The reason for the role stemmed from the large number of calculations needed to perform a lightspeed jump, and in the heat of combat, a team dedicated to the role was needed. The Federation Armed Forces would discontinue the role, following the full inception of fully computerised lightspeed jumps, although the Naval Navigator is trained to perform the calculations needed should the computer at any time fail. On rare occasions, the Chief of Lightspeed Travel was also in command of all FTL Communication aboard the warship, although this rarely occurred - though all chiefs were trained in the role, usually during manpower issues.   As such, the Federation Navy Chief of Lightspeed Travel is one of the few roles within the Federation Navy that has been formally discontinued, with the role considered unnecessary. With computerisation destroying the role, it questions many other ranks and positions within the Federation Navy, and if they too, will become obsolete.
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