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  Ironheim is a city to the Northwest of Elvara, just south of the jagged Mountains.   The mostly dwarven population specialises in mining copper and iron, leading the region in the development of mining technologies.   The city, once an autonomous city state, is now under the occupation of the Empire of Malvarron who took the city following the conclusion of the 'Five Day War' in 1334 A.E.  


"Nobody knows the mines like we dwarves do."
Daggid Bronzmaul — Dwarven Blacksmith, Ironheim
  Ironheim is an ancient city. It was founded around 4000 BE when the Iron Dwarves came down the Jagged Mountains under the leadership of the then King, Thorren.   As an autonomous city state the settlement thrived and its people thrived too, mining and trading in copper and iron ore, discovering new technologies and tools, including a cure for Prospector's Fever.   All of that changed, however, following the ascension of Augustas Malvarro to the throne of Revaelor. The self-declared Emperor tore up the map of Elvara and set about occupying the independent city states, including Ironheim.   In 1334, the dwarven King Merron and his immediate family were assassinated whilst they slept in their chambers. This caused a state of panic, ensuring the Iron Army was caught off guard. After 5 days of bloodshed, in what would later become known as the 'Five Day War', Emperor Malvarro's Army seized control of Ironheim and the city fell under the Empire's control.   It is now one of the most closely guarded cities of the Empire, with a large Vanguard base to ensure that work continues at the Ironheim seam.

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I understand that your are a fellow person who sprinted to the end, so the article is not anywhere near finished, but I have to ask, as it isnt really clear in the article, is it a leading mining town, a leader of invention, or perhaps a leader in that it is "one of the most closely guarded cities in the Empire?"   Good job on the history though, hitting the highlights without getting to bogged down in the details can be very hard when you are trying to make the dash at the end of summer camp.

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Hey thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate it :) In answer to your question, mining is the major industry in Ironheim. Due to the expertise of its people, which have been passed down from generation to generation, the town is a leader in the invention of mining technologies and new mining techniques (which I will outline when I update the article).

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