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Steel and Steam

A smithy located on Unicorn Alley, in the Shade Ward of Brightridge. It is owned and operated by a married couple of genasi, Voda and Brasa. They deal with weapons, armour, and tools. They get much of their business from the Brightridge City Watch, providing maintenance of their equipment.   The shop is a member of the Order of Skilled Smiths and Metalforgers .   Vathash Kerak vas Rannock has made an impression on Voda and Brasa with his skill as a smith, and has come to an arrangement with them to make occasional use of their forge. He also has the option of working for them at a rate of 1gp per day of labour.   The smithy has imported a sizable quantity of Reivan Steel - a shipment of 80 ingots arriving in Reaping, 1493.
Craftsman, Blacksmith / Smithy
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