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Reivan Steel

The steel produced in the great Crucible steelworks of Rannock Reivasa is a remarkable feat of metallurgy, unparalleled by any other in Arenia. The technological advancement of crucible steel, made with a mixture of fluxes whose ingredients, other than Reivan ash, remain secret, allows the facility to produce the finest steel in Arenia.   Reivan steel, once cast, is difficult to smith, requiring intense heat and great force, but is exceptional in its strength.


Material Characteristics

Reivan steel is a dull charcoal gray in colour, and exhibits unique banding patterns due to the intermixed ferrite and cementite alloys in the steel.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The steel is relatively lightweight, and incredibly tough. While not unbreakable, careful control of carbon content and near-total freedom from material impurities results in a steel that is hard, durable, and able to hold an edge through nearly any abuse. Reivan steel does not become brittle even in extreme cold, and can withstand incredible temperatures without melting. The use of Reivan ash imparts faint magical properties to the alloy, rendering it all but imprevious to corrosion, oxidation, abrasion, or decay by other non-magical means.
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