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Although descended from and closely resembling humans, a thousand years of isolation in the Reivan Wastes has resulted in sufficient physiological deviation to classify Reivans as a distinct subspecies.

Basic Information


Reivans are, on average, somewhat taller and significantly leaner than humans. Those living within the ashlands tend to be slender and wirey, even slightly gaunt. Reivans traveling beyond the ashlands, exposed to the cuisine and abundant food of foreign lands, tend to become gluttonous and gain a significant amount of weight. Those that resist such temptations do still remain of leaner build than their human counterparts, particularly compared to humans possessed of comparable strength.

Biological Traits

Reivans are a race of incredible fortitude, able to withstand extreme low temperatures with relative ease, and capable of shrugging off physical trauma that would grievously wound or incapacitate many others. Although not typically capable of feats of raw strength to the same degree as races such as orcs or half-orcs, their strength, coupled with their great endurance, allows them to shoulder incredible burdens for an extended time without exhaustion.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Life in the sunless wasteland has forced the Reivan race to adapt to survival in conditions with extremely low visibility. They have developed exceptional visual and auditory senses.
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