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Kadrin Akitara vas Rannock

The Hero of Rannock (a.k.a. Kadrin the Unbreakable)

Previously the senior combat and defense drill instructor of Rannock Reivasa prior to the Battle of Rannock Reivasa, Kadrin the Unbreakable is now a Reivan war hero, recently commanding the Reivan Expeditionary Army in an offensive against the Empire of Vudon.

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

Wears a suit of Reivan plate armor made by Vathash Kerak vas Rannock

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Born in a reiva under constant threat from Orcish raids, he showed exceptional aptitude as a warrior from his first combat drills as a child, and had already distinguished himself and proven his tremendous talent for battle years before even leaving for his Pilgrimage. By the time the Empire of Vudon began its invasion of the Reivan Wastes, Kadrin was already revered and widely regarded as the most naturally-gifted Reivan fighter in generations.   During the Battle, he slew many enemy soldiers, with some claiming he personally killed dozens of Imperials. When the original commander of the Reivan defenses fell, Kadrin took command to rally the remaining forces and held them together until reinforcements arrived to turn the tide of the battle. His stalwart leadership, combined with his personal prowess and valor, earned him the epithets of the Hero of Rannock, or Kadrin the Unbreakable.

Intellectual Characteristics

In the aftermath of the Battle of Rannock, Kadrin has become unique among Reivan men in expressing a measured degree of defiance to the will of the Elders, openly disagreeing with an Acolyte on the allocation of resources to his campaign and arguing that smiths should be assigned to his command and not to rebuilding.   He has lamented that his Expeditionary Army could find itself at a strategic disadvantage against outlanders due to a lack of magic users, and expressed frustration that the Elders refuse to assign any spellcasting Acolytes to his command.


Kadrin Akitara vas Rannock


Towards Vathash Kerak vas Rannock


Vathash Kerak vas Rannock

Friend (Important)

Towards Kadrin Akitara vas Rannock




Kadrin was a long-time mentor of Vathash, and his closest friend.

Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
1461 AT 32 Years old
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Approx 190 lbs
Aligned Organization