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Reivan Expeditionary Army

The Reivan Expeditionary Army is the first, and to date only, standing army ever raised by the Reivan Clans.   Raised on the orders of the Elders of Rannock Reivasa in the wake of the Battle of Rannock Reivasa, under the command of Kadrin Akitara vas Rannock, with the ultimate mission to attack the borderlands beyond the western edge of the Reivan Wastes and secure the ashlands from further attacks by the Empire of Vudon via the region.   Kadrin has taken it upon himself to attempt to establish a permanent stronghold in the region, as a first defensive line against any future invasions.



The Reivan expedition entered into Imperial territory with a force of approximately 1000 soldiers, but was still receiving reinforcements from the eastern Wastes. The current size of the force is unknown.   Though the force has been supplemented by reinforcements subsequent to its inception, it was initially composed almost entirely of the Unbroken - the surviving veterans of the Battle of Rannock Reivasa. The vast majority of the Unbroken remain in loyal service of the Expeditionary Army.


All soldiers are outfitted with quality armour of Reivan steel, ranging from chain mail to heavy plate armor. Most wear brigandine body armor with some degree of plating for the extremities. Scouts and skirmishers are equipped much more lightly, while vanguard infantry favour heavy plate.   Weaponry is varied, with a general preference for spears, polearms, and javelins. Swords and battleaxes are not used, though smaller bladed weapons such as daggers and handaxes may be. Crossbows are the missile weapons of choice.


Battle tactics are infantry-focused, emphasizing Reivan hardiness, discipline, and the superiority of Reivan armour to hold a steady line while smaller skirmishing units can maneuver to assault enemy flanks.   Nighttime and inclement weather are favoured for offensive actions, taking advantage of the Reivans' acute senses, especially in low-light conditions.   The Expeditionary Army does not have a cavalry force, and has only begun to develop training in equestrianism for the purpose of scouting and harassing actions.


All Reivan men are trained for combat and the use of weapons and armour, and all undergo regular combat drills beginning at a young age, providing a very high 'training floor' for even the least experienced of soldiers. Reivans of the Akitara clan focus more on military matters in life and are, in effect, full-time professinal soldiers. Akitarans comprise a substantial portion of the Expeditionary Army.
Storms, 1492 AT
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