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Naar Iilhia

Swords of the Ever-Burning

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The Ever-Burning asks for blood, and it is our duty to provide.
Judin Ahmar

The Danatelian Gods are complexe beings, their very nature often in conflict with itself. This is especially true for Deïmon the Bright, She Who Provides, goddess of both creation and destruction. Whatever she makes, she will seek to destroy. Priests of Deïmon worship her kindness and gentle touches, and while this may sooth the goddess' wrath for a while it cannot be contained forever.

And then came the Naar Iilhia. The Ever-Burning demands her due of blood and destruction, and so will they seek to satiate her.

Slayers of Monsters

Once feared for their reputation as savage warriors, nowadays Naar Iilhia have become associated with a sense of security and safety. They make their living hunting monsters and beasts across the land, and are usually celebrated as heroes wherever they go.

Despite their affiliation to Deïmon the Bright, they are a wholly independant organisation. Their headquarters are located in the town of Fleury, where future Naar Iilhia are trained in a temple of the Ever-Burning. They are for the most part funded by different regions, as well as by the Saohri Temple.

I pledge my life to the people of this land, and will forever be in service to them. I swear to keep my faith steady and strong, and to banish corruption and greed from my heart. Only in death will I have fulfilled my promise.
— Oath of the Naar Iilhia

Becoming a Naar Iilhia

The path to becoming a Naar Iilhia is no easy task.

Depictions in Popular Culture

Poems, myths and plays about Naar Iilhia. Most date of the 3rd to 1st century before I.A


The Days of Glory

The Naar Iilhia were originally created at the very end of the Dark Ages in the city of Fleury. Times were rough, and the city was under a near constant assault of attacks from its neighbours. So they turned to the Ever-Burning, and asked for her help, while praying Deïmon for her forgiveness.

Within the roar of the blood red flames, I could see coal black skeletal hands reaching out of from the depths of the fire. They held swords made of ash and death.
— Extract from "Tales of a Naar Iilhia"

The best warriors among the Fleurians were blessed with powers by the Ever-Burning, and would remain so long as she got her due. They were sent in battle to defend the city, and it was said a single Naar Iilhia could take a hundred man on their own. After every battle the Fleurians won, the Naar Iilhia would return and weclomed as heroes, as feasts and celebrations were thrown in their honour.

The Days of Blood

Following the unification of the Danatelian Lands in -342, the Naar Iilhia became simple guards, leaving the bloody battlefield behind in favour of guarding the more esteemed members of Fleurian society. But their new, more peaceful lifestyle left the Ever-Burning thirsty for blood. Soon Naar Iilhia across the city would suddenly find themselves stuck in feverish bloodlust as the goddess demanded her due.

These violent outbursts plagued the city of Fleury for weeks. Citizens could do nothing but hide, as officials struggled to deal with the blood thirsty warriors roaming the streets of their home. In the end, it was the Naar Iilhia themselves who ended the Days of Blood.

Those who had not yet been consummed by the Dagamu set out to slay their fallen comrades. Once the last of the Wharik Adamu was slained, the remaineder of the Naar Iilhia exiled themselves from the city, never to be heard of again.

The Days of Repentance


A Religious Order

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