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The City That Held Faith

one of the seven main towns of Danatelian. oldest danatelian city   INFO: complex legal system, subject of an ancient prophecy, a past tragedy is starting to bleed through to the present     OLD TOWN hissing spire: where the urban legend assassin group Hiss Hiss supposedly has its headquarters Largest temple of Deïmon the Bright   NICE PART OF THE CITY Summer Plaza, there is a statue of an ancient military rebel who was executed during the war of princes. the rooftops are really pretty in this neighbourhood   GREEN RIVER DISTRICT sanctuary // chapel built with blood money (why?), the air is growing dark with something omnious. unatural fog and ash with mysterious origins. hidden ruins // known for a particular ghost river is used for coming of age rituals   SOUTHERN DISTRICT // controlled mostly by various commerce and financial guilds nowhere market // a bi-weekly market where one can find anything, if one looks close enough tomb of philosophers // a tomb where are burried some of the city's most important leaders, thinkers, poets and artists. visited for good luck   BARREN // bit of a bidonville spiral // a myserious ritual site used in long forgotten rites. locals claim it is best left alone. Golden Fort // a former military base repurposed as an inn   NORTH-EAST grasslands // outside the city walls. abandonned town // earthquake ~15 years ago completely destroyed that part of town. impossible to rebuild, most people have moved to gethoos in the barrens. is it really abandonned? Misty outpost, also abandonned after trade routes were changed   rewrite the history of the town and all. make it a tiny bit more complex   why is it a seat of power?? one of the big cities, home of the sun warriors + clergy of deimon who is arguably one of the most revered gods in the pantheon cause of crops and shit

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