Risk-acceptant Automaton for Dangerous Exploration unit 46

Risk-acceptant Automaton for Dangerous Exploration unit 46 (RADE-46) is a RADE dSph series automaton manufactured by ExoTech, Inc. Its ACI class is 5a, denoting it as a legal citizen with certain rights and privileges, and it is personality-capable. Rade was originally built to accompany explorers, so it has a myriad of interesting features and is very durable.

Physical Description

Body Features

Rade is a metal sphere, roughly two feet in diameter, with a myriad of hidden capabilities tucked in its tough spheroid shell. Its primary mode of locomotion is pseudogravitic levitation, but can also roll if necessary.

Facial Features

Rade's sensory intake is facilitated by a series of three compound sensors on its "face". These appear to be solely photoreceptors, but they also house the primary audio intake. It also is sonar and radar capable.

Identifying Characteristics

As well as the worn ExoTech logo on its side and the phrase "Approach with Caution" painted on its rear, Rade sports a holographic monobrow (a "holobrow"). The holobrow program was installed by Arcto as a "way for the crew to better interpret Rade's emotional state and expressions" (read: a joke).

Special abilities

Rade can project holographic constructs, both on its surface and freestanding. It primarily communicates through projecting text on its surface just under the photoreceptors, but it can synthesize a voice.

Mental characteristics


Rade is the navigational, cybernetic, and exploratory assistant on the RIV Free Spirit. It is, like others on the crew, also an occasional mercenary. Its original occupation was as a high-danger all-terrain exploratory assistant for GCPEM.

Mental Trauma

Rade has a very stubborn personality and is programmed to take extreme risks, and therefore cannot feel the digital equivalent of pain. This led it to be intrigued by the concept of pain, and over time it has become somewhat of an accidental sadist. It tries to hide this fact as it knows sadism is culturally unacceptable, but its core curiosity drivers often overwhelm its social alignment parameters. Due to its origins it is also a tad bumbling, though it tries very hard to avoid bumping into things and such.

Morality & Philosophy

Though originally programmed to follow directions immediately, it's developed a circumvention to that routine and is often critical of the orders it is given. It does cooperate when it deems cooperation necessary, but it's rather obstinate otherwise.



crewmate (Important)

Towards Zak Kaiyo



Zak Kaiyo

crewmate (Important)

Towards RADE



Nicknames & Petnames

Zak occasionally refers to Rade as the "Cyberprick."

Year of Birth
47120 (575 years old)
Gender Identity
In terms of identity, Rade is a sassy little genderless entity.
0.6 k diameter
100 kg


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30 Dec, 2018 02:23

I really want a RADE to travel with me. I am pretty sure there are few places more dangerous than primary grade schools. ;) Also, who doesn't love adorable floating robots?