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Humanoid refers to a specific body plan shared by various creatures. Across the races, it is also one of the most common body types either inherently or through shapeshifting.     The basic humanoid body plan has bilateral symmetry, having a front and a back end, as well as an upside and downside. The body is comprised of an upright torso with a head perched atop and four limbs attached to it. The upper limbs, or arms, end in hands which had five fingers each; the lower ones, called legs, end in feet. Humanoid fingers have multiple points of articulation, and an opposable thumb that allows for fine manipulation. The two legs are used to support the body and consistently run/walk bipedally as the main form of movement.     Features      
  • Possess opposable appendages such as thumbs for articulate manipulation.
  • Possess forward facing usually binocular vision (having two eyes)
  • Possess biomechanic bipedalism - the ability to walk in an upright position.
  • Possess sufficient hand eye coordination to throw an object and strike another object with it.
  • Possess a well developed mind capable of complex reasoning, rational thought, abstraction, and introspection.
  • Possess thin and lightly pigmented body hair that is hard to see except for mainly pigmented hair on the head, underarms, and pubic area which gives a mostly hairless appearance.
  • Possess the ABO and Rh blood type systems.
  • Humanoids reproduce through internal fertilization and are sexually compatible with other humanoids and liminals.
  • Humanoids generally experience pleasure during coitus
  • Humanoids have to breathe, eat, excrete, and sleep.
  Dimorphism   The vast majority of humanoids have differences between sexes, mainly in body shape but also regarding height, muscle mass, fat distribution and vocal tones. Males tend to have proportionally smaller buttocks, bigger chests and wider shoulders, wider latisimuss dorsi and a small waist which makes for a V-shape of the torso.   Females are significantly narrower in the waist both in front view and profile view. Mammalian humanoids will have a pair of permanently swollen mammary glands located the chest region. This contributes to the waist being narrower there, along with the hip region due to the width of the buttocks, which results in an hourglass shape.     Hominins: The Natural Humanoids   All hominins are natural creatures with a humanoid body, classifying them as natural humanoids. Often when studying a baseline humanoid form with as little variation as possible, a hominin species anatomy usually used.   Preternatural Humanoids   Many fey  species have a humanoid form as well. A few like Giants are closer in appearance to natural humanoids, while others like fairies or alraune appear to have liminal forms look like they combine the natural version of the form with features of other natural creatures.     Henge have the ability to take on an alternate humanoid form. Henge transformations rely on their mana, with forms that held on to some of their animal traits use less power and to some are a status symbol.   Spirits that take on a physical form can take on the form of animals, including humanoids. Regardless of who they interacted with, many spirits have taken on physical humanoid forms, some exclusively so.


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