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Arcadian Mortar & Blocks

This thick mixture of mineral ingredients was first used in the construction for the Ad-Anasian Highway- the world's longest system of roads.

Construction blocks and the support structures were all crafted by ancient Dracadian masons. Though they simpley refer to them as "blocks", Draceologists and other Historians have given them the name "Arcadian Blocks", after the Brass Dracadian that discovered and invented them.

The Arcadian Blocks can be found in other constructions, of Dracadian and Draconian design. While the process for making Arcadian Mortar and Blocks was a secret, the Draconians duressed the Dracadians into making these blocks for their constructions during the Draconian Wars.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Arcadian Mortar is made from mixtures of quick-lime, volcanic ash, ground sandstone, and the final ingredient, Gluem Paste. Many scholars wondered for years what the secret to these immortal stones were. Gluem is a thick binding agent that quickly hardens; applying saltwater helped to keep the mortar malleable and porous until it was set.

Origin & Source

The ancient Artificier, Arcadi Plini the Elder, kept the secret of "Arcadian Blocks" from the rest of the world, behind his society of Masons and Engineers. When the Draconians waged their wars against the Dragons, the Engineers of Arcadi's society were made to create more of the blocks, in exchange for their own lives. As long as they continued to make them, the Draconians allowed them to continue their work.

History & Usage

Environmental Impact

Unfortunately, one of the larger impacts of the Arcadian Blocks are the ruins that were left behind by constructions, such as the Ad-Anasian Highway, that were broken during the divide.

Arcadian Blocks take an impressive amount of time to decay, outliving many other structures. As such, the pillars and debris of Arcadian Blocks dots landscapes across the world.

Reusability & Recycling

Using solutions of saltwater and alcohol can break down the Gluem inside Arcadian Mortar, making it porous and pliable once more. This process usually takes several days, however.


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