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Ancient Dragon's Road

Gold Road/ Bridge of Divides

Ancient Dragon's Road is one of Pathon's most extraordinary land wonders. Built during the Draconian Era, Dragon's Road is the collective name for the world's longest road. Once stretched across the entire region of Ad-Anasia, these roads and highways connected many of the Draconians, Dracadians, Drakan, and other mortal species of Pathon across an expansive network.

Until the continental divide, which broke and separated the vast super-continent (along with various tectonic activities), the Dragon's Road was a major highway between the tribes and cultures of those Eras for millions of years.

The ruins of Ancient Dragon's Road still litter the landscape today, as many of the sections are often still in use by RAIL systems, AUTO highways, and Platform freeways all of Pathon.


Though it once had several names, "Dragon's Road", as it has come to be known collectively, runs the length of the central, eastern, and western hemispheres primarilly. While many of the structures are still used today, others were dismantled and used in the production of cities and towns nearby.

There are portions of the road that meet the land and stretch for miles, while others rise high above it, forming land bridges and canopies. Those that didn't survive the divide of the World fell into abandon, and were toppled to prevent more catastrophies. Those that did survive still make operational landbridges, connecting chasms or ravines.

While it has fallen into disarray, it is still regarded as a masterful piece of Draconic architecture, as it's length once encompassed a considerable percentage of the known world. These wide platforms were known to be anywhere between 30-40 ft in width, and could soar as high as 100 ft. into the air, forming bridges between continents or smaller land gaps. Once supported by great pillars, now these columns form the base of towers and watchposts throughout various kingdoms.


There are structures along the roads- typically at intersections and atop land bridges, known as Aeries. An Aerie was considered a specific place to rest from travel. They were often given names and it was deemed inappropriate or malicious to fight another Dragon who had taken refuge in an Aerie, as they were places for Dragons to gather strength from long flights or marches. These large domed areas are often found in the wild as natural aviaries for birds and other creatures who use them for shelter during storms. Conservationists have even restored old, broken structures for this purpose.

Giant blocks of the stones used to make the road dot the landscape. Pillars flung from the roads appear like great poles sticking at odd angles from the ground while larger structures provide shade and protection for forest denizens.


The road was originally developed by Dracadians who were interested in the prospect of trade with one another. They started the road, which was decided upon by the Gold and Bronze Dracadians. Other Dracadians began forming roads that connected to the Gold Dragon's highways, creating a solid network between the Dracadians. Their success was known by other Dragons, including the Draconian, Shoden Lo the Dark Lord of the Draconians.

During the Dark Lord's Revolt, Shoden Lo usurped the regions of the Dracadians and oppressed their people. He used their architects and engineers to form more roads in the Dracadian's region. In addition, tolls were now placed to charge any Dragon that used the road. This means that even those caught flying above the road were in peril of receiving charges or threats from the Dark Lord's Legion.

By the time the Dragon's Road was completed, it had been made with forced labor at the talons of Dracadians and the hands of Drakan born in the Draconian Era. Many of the Dracadian's highways were spared from the continental divide and still operate today, though many of the heavy fines for tolls have been reduced or lifted entirely. Particularly in the region of Ar' Dracadia, the roads serve as a reminder of not only the trials they endured during those violent times but also the age and indomitability of the Dragon's spirit.


Tours are taken in particularly scenic regions of the Dragon's Road. Other areas have been marked as refuges or preserves and are protected by the civilization that maintains it. Dragons often use the roads as a means to claim ownership of certain properties, but these disputes tend to be argued within court on the favor of other species. Dragons had, for the most part, abandoned the roads; therefore, their ownership was to the World.

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Dragon's Road
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