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War Is Not Murder

Military action


The Four Dragons, Demetrius, Godfrey, the wizard Steve, and a dragonborn cleric named Sovys Ardid were teleported into the heart of The Saphiren Fortress by headmaster Wenna Penketh. There they ended up in the war room where four of the five Grand Marshals were present together with two guards.

The battle that commenced in the war room was quickly won by our heroes. Afterwards Godfrey collected the heads of the Grand Marshals before they left the room after a short break.   They tore through the rest of the middle building of the fortress with aid from nine people from Inhonoris. After which they moved across the courtyard to a separate building containing the prison cells. There princess Ralenna Sarric and Astraea were waiting for them, a few dead guards littering the hallways.   Once they had cleared out three of the buildings of the fortress they found the treasury and took some of the plentiful riches before teleporting back out, the rest of the soldiers and guards of the fortress and the city beyond none the wiser. The fortress was built with warning systems from the outside in, not the other way around.   So our heroes made it back to Sandholm. Some of them were bloodied but they victorious in their mission.

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