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The Withering

A condition that a lot of older people get but that can also appear in individuals as early as their childhood. It is feared as it slowly chips away at your strength and constitution and causes chronic pain that eventually leads to an inability to do heavy work. For the poor and the working class this can be the start of a slow death as they will no longer be able to keep a job to support themselves.


It often starts with ache in one specific body part and is often thought to be caused by overuse and that it will go away with rest, but it doesn't go away and instead spreads to different parts of the body. The persistent ache brings with it exhaustion that doesn't get any better no matter how much the sufferer sleeps. Then the muscles start to atrophy and the sufferer loses much of their strength.   The Withering often causes swelling at the knees, wrists and ankles. In some cases during the later stages the sufferer's fingers and toes are bent in awkward angles.


Heat can help getting the muscles to relax and lessen the pain somewhat. Light exercise can be beneficial in keeping the condition from taking over completely. Some recommend particular herbs to help with relaxation or sleeping.


No one knows what causes it. The condition itself isn't fatal but those in less fortunate circumstances often die because of their inability to work and support themselves. There is no known cure.

Affected Groups

It is most common for people in their middle age and older to suffer from the Withering. In very rare cases it will affect children as young as five years old. Humans are a large percentage of the affected, though it does occur in other races as well. After humans, half-elves and halflings are the most likely to get the condition.

Cultural Reception

The reception of others vary depending on the sufferer's social status. If they are from a lower class they are often seen as useless and easily discarded. However, some do have loving families or friends that take care of them even if they can't bring in any money or help as much with chores as they could before falling ill.   In upper class families they are well taken care of in most cases, though in some cultures it is seen as weak and shameful and they are shunned even if they are born into a rich family.
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital


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