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Training land of the shock-troops of the Atlanteans.

Written by Pookas Kreations

Mystra is the land of all types of Catfolk.

The Mu were created by the Atlanteans to fill the bulk of their army as shock troops. Their society is similar to the Spartans in training and life. Might makes right and honor is all. Their young are sent to the island of Lystra to train for 2 years culminating in their manhood test. Catfolk, Lycans, and Lizardfolk fill the bulk of the Atlanteans Guard and Military. Other races are considered inferior.


Mystra is a combination of mountains, forests, plains and deserts with very little to define the borders. It almost appears to have been created that way. Mystra is honeycombed with tunnels and caves, there are numerous areas of badlands covered in deep cracks. Some areas have tall pillars covering wide canyons, with mesas on either side. The Catfolk cross easily by jumping from pillar to pillar, aided by their strength and dexterity. The bottom never gets full sun, only ambient light and varying shades of darkness. In places, there are sulfurous steam vents that fill areas in steamy fog.

  The nearest islands are Atlantia to the South, Lystra to the East, open sea and ice to the North with open sea to the West.

Fauna & Flora

Beneath the badlands are areas wherein dwell an infestation of goblins (chaos mutants that used to be Halflings), spider-bats, spider-goblins, rock swarms, nicklepedes, dracopedes, shocker lizard, mycili, angdur, skitterlings and many other types of vermin. They are considered to be vermin and are treated as such, being hunted for sport and used to train the Mu’s young.

Mystra is another teardrop-shaped island, like Lystra. The top of this island faces east. Mystra is also covered in mountains, except to the south there are rolling hills and extensive sandy beaches. The majority of Mystra is covered in either forests or plains, with numerous rivers, ponds, and lakes.

There are three large cities, running lateraly though the center of the island.

Natural Resources

Wood, water, and ore are plentiful here.
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