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The Displacers

A mysterious organization that The Ascendant refuses to acknowledge exists, The Displacers are a collection of powerful mages, spies, and soldiers who monitor the borders of Arcenveld for errant or illegal magical activities. Almost every Veldian has heard tales of a den of sorcerers or clerics being hauled away into the night to Inselfang Prison by a small band of Displacer Agents. Some fear them, others revere them as heroes and still others view them as nothing but a fairy tale to promote licensed wizardry.   The Displacers act with the absolute authority of the Ascendant and can use whatever tactics they feel are necessary to accomplish their missions and uphold the law. Using the widespread Archon Network installed throughout the country, they can surveil most of Veldian territory with little trouble and act on a perceived threat with immediate, overwhelming force. Many Displacers go undercover into covens, circles and secret congregations for years, earning their trust - only to track down every member and arrest them.   Within the organization, it is believed that the true leader of the Displacers is Vestern Lark, the brilliant wizard and artificer responsible for maintaining Arcenveld's magical architecture. However, this has never been confirmed, and the day-to-day business is managed by Commandant Albrecht Lang - a stern, practical man who is a master of illusion and conjuration and an occasional guest professor at the Revenark University of the Arcane. Albrecht believes whole-heartedly in the cause, is a skeptic of all unlicensed magics, and a proud Veldian imperialist.   Agents of the Displacers are often split into divisions based on their specific targets:  
  • Clerical Division: While religious worship is accepted and even encouraged in Veldian society, using the divine abilities that can be derived from such worship is strictly forbidden and considered sacrilegious. The power of the gods is simply too raw and uncontrollable. The Clerical Division monitors for secret chapels of clerics and paladins, removing them from communities where they could become a threat.
  • Druidic Division: Veldians view nature as a chaotic and dangerous force that is to be controlled instead of embraced. The Druidic Division monitors for druid and ranger circles in the forests and mountains of Arcenveld.
  • Sorceric Division: Sorcerers are the prime enemy of the Displacers and the motivation behind many of the strictest anti-magic laws in the nation. They are viewed as erratic and unpredictable, their connection to the Wellspring dangerous to the lives of commoners. The Sorceric Division is made up of the most talented agents in the Displacers and it is considered a high honor to be counted among its ranks.
  • Psionic Division: The practice of Psionics is extremely rare in Sheanora which has led to a vast misunderstanding of what it is and what it can do. This element of the unknown makes it a natural enemy of Arcenveld. The Displacers have a small band of agents dedicated to studying Psionics and the ways in which to counteract it, though they rarely engage in the field.
  • Warlochic Division: Another major target of Displacer ire, warlocks are actually considered to be even more dangerous than sorcerers, as they collaborate directly with malevolent Devils, Archfey and even creatures of the Void. Because of this ease of access, they do not always fully understand the power they are wielding. That said, the Displacers acknowledge that warlocks are difficult to find and extremely small in number, so they are often de-prioritized as quarry.
  • Domestic Division: Made up of artificers and wizards who monitor the expansive surveillance of the local Archon Network, as well as spies throughout Veldian communities, the Domestic Division is an intelligence service that works exclusively within Arcenveld's borders. It provides need-to-know information to The Ascendant, The Swords of Aeyarda, and the rest of the Displacer divisions. It is also responsible for border protection and customs.
  • Foreign Division: Often given diplomatic credentials and posing as mundane officials or low-level assistants, Displacer Agents have spread through most major capitals and cities in the Merchant Sea. They are particularly prevalent in the Aracian port of Riocruce, a busy and diverse city that contains an embassy for most major nations of the region and where international meetings are often held. However, they can also be found in Mephistia, Sanctuary, Glimmerhome, Tionmenel and The Baskan Isles. There are even rumors that a single Displacer Agent is embedded in the isolated nation of Kul'Morava across the sea.
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