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Arcenveld (meaning The Mountains (Veld) of Wonder (Arcene) in Veldian) has been the arcane seat of power in Sheanora for thousands of years. The magically inclined of all nationalities and races still flock to the Renevark University of the Arcane if they wish to receive the best mystical education on the continent, but even the smaller towns in Arcenveld play host to schools of magic that are far superior to those found in other nations. For this reason, Arcenveld has become one of the most diverse and dynamic societies in the Merchant Sea region.   Magic is the very foundation of Veldian society, with Wizards and Artificers working constantly to improve the lives of the common people. However, despite the seeming openness towards the arcane, the usage of magic is highly restricted and monitored by the government. Only licensed Wizards can practice in the open and all other forms of magic - druidic, bardic and especially wild magic - are outlawed. Not even those who receive their powers from the divine can demonstrate their powers in public. If a sorcerer, warlock or other practitioner were to be caught, they would find themselves on the end of the government's zero tolerance policy and be thrown immediately into Inselfang Prison.   To enforce such strict rules, The Ascendant  - the nation's governing body - deploys a sophisticated network of magical safeguards and surveillance. They also keep a tight grip on those who are entering or leaving the territory. With only one land route into Arcenveld, visitors must pass through a thorough checkpoint, where their Wizards' license is verified. There are even rumors of a covert organization - colloquially known as The Displacers - that will infiltrate illegal covens, druidic circles or clerical organizations.   The given reason for such strict laws goes back more than 5,000 years, when an untrained sorcerer named Obeus Wisehaven, who's raw strength nearly consumed him, accidentally pulled parts of the moon Dedras from the sky. Those meteorites landed in the center of Sheanora, creating the massive crater and mountain ranges that now exist between Torcest and Aracia . His carelessness put thousands, if not millions of live at risk, so the Wizard's of Arcenveld placed their first limits on wild magic.   With focus shifting to more academic forms of mysticism, the Wizards of Arcenveld became famous throughout Sheanora for their power and mastery. The people of Aracia believe that this led to the rapid expansion of their borders, as the nation conquered huge swaths of what is now Mephistia and Aracia. This "Empire of the Arcane" is still held up as something for Veldians to aspire to and used a rallying call for national pride. A common farewell in Veldian translates to: "May I see you under the sky of a new Empire."   Arcenveld's traditional standing military has been known to be shoddy at best, which is why the nation has so rarely gone to war. The borders are protected by powerful magic and by a small but mighty army of Wizards known as the Swords of Aeyarda. But as more of the nation's citizens begin to dabble in magic, there are fewer pure warriors. As such, three decades ago, The Ascendant, made the controversial decision to hire the Mercenary King, Shogur'druuk, and his band of roving soldiers to fill out the country's military ranks. Many of the common citizens have complained about the presence of these orcs, but the Mercenary King's forces have managed to bolster the effectiveness of what few soldiers Arcenveld would normally be able to contribute to battle.   As part of this arrangement, the orcs were provided with funding to build fortresses outside of major Veldian cities, keeping them separate from much of the rest of the population, but paid well enough to remain satisfied. However, thirty years on, they have begun to integrate with the rest of Arcenveld - with more and more of them attending the same Arcane Universities as the humans and elves who make up the rest of the population and small orcish neighborhoods popping up in the more metropolitan cities. It is even said that Shogur'druuk himself is a member of The Ascendant.

Demography and Population

Total Population: 4.4 Million   Population by Ancestry
  • Humans - 2.6 Million
  • High Elves - 1.1 Million
  • Hill Dwarves - 300,000
  • Orcs - 250,000
  • Rock Dwarves - 80,000
  • Stout Halflings - 75,000
  • Tritons - 10,000


Other Known Settlements: Bergenhein (City), Lockhaven (Port City), Basishein (City), Hoxbach (Port Town), Sodluche (Town), Sievspeer (Port Town), Dortsveld (Village), Inselfang (Village), Fachbern (Village), Valdesveld (Village), Kleinbach (Village), Entleveit (Village), Inselfang Prison (Prison Colony), Denzaub (Hamlet), Asylucht (Hamlet), Fort Stiegkast (Fort)


  • Aeyar, The Unknowable - God of Magic and Arcane Study
  • Caedalin, The Artist - God/Goddess of Art and Creation, Ancestor of the Elves
  • Sevast, The Just Hand - God of Justice, Ancestor of the Feathered Dragons
  • Arthedis, The Gleaming Tower - Goddess of Civilization
  • Glimmer, The Celebration - God of Laughter and Joy, Ancestor of the Gnomes
  • Ausalai, The First Seed - Goddess of Nature and the Sea
  • Enditi, The Long Stride - Goddess of Travel, Ancestor of the Halflings
  • Weros, The Forethought - God of Strategy
  • Jimara, The Lineage - Goddess of Family and Tribe
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Economic System
Market economy
Cruceran Trade Currency:
  • Platinum Orchids
  • Gold Roses
  • Silver Tulips
  • Copper Lilies
Major Exports
Fish, Crabs, Shrimp, Wine, Salt, Gold, Pigs, Iron
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Neighboring Nations

Skeptical Peace

Relations between Mephistia and Arcenveld are cold, but peaceful. Arcenveld is one of the few Merchant Sea nations who remained neutral during the Infernal Wars and as such, holds few personal grudges against Mephistia.    However, the Ascendant has often used Mephistia in its propaganda, as a demonstration of what can go wrong when magic is left to grow beyond the control of those who wield it. They specifically call out Mephistia's history of devil worship as a means to justify their limitations on divine magic, sorcery and druidism.    That said, during Mephistia's post-war period, Arcenveld was quick to send resources to help close tears to the Inferno and reinforce Eristea's battered forces. This helped to build a positive repour, which has led to a burgeoning trade relationship. In fact, it is believed that Arcenveld imports more spell components from Mephistia than any other country.


Aracia and Arcenveld have a long held peace across their border and are frequent trade partners with strong diplomatic ties.    However, that public demonstration of cooperation belies a tension that has undergirded Aracian-Veldian relations for decades - if not centuries.    Aracians, by their very nature, are celebrants of personal freedom and individuality. They view Arcenveld's tight control of their population as borderline tyrannical and question the intentions and motivations of The Ascendant. The Sovereign Prince has always believed that it is difficult to trust an anonymous group of magicians, merchants and mercenaries who work only through intermediaries - and thus he keeps a close eye on Arcenveld, a myriad of Aracian spies spread throughout Veldian cities. Aracia also holds a vendetta against Arcenveld for not coming to their aid during the Infernal Wars.    Arcenveld distrusts Aracia because of their free-thinking and open outlook towards all forms of magic, which is tightly controlled within its own borders. The Ascendant has also long propped up their own power by encouraging discussion of "The Empire of the Arcane", a mythical society in which Arcenveld ruled over all of Sheanora. Many of the more militant members of Veldian society believe that Aracia sits on land that Arcenveld once called its own and resent the ancient Aracians who separated from them and formed their own nation.    This tension exists largely in the private halls of power within the two nations, though the populaces use negative stereotypes when communicating about their neighbors. Aracians often call Veldians "Line-walkers" because of their renowned neutrality in regional conflicts. Veldians often call Aracians "Sorcerers in Waiting" because of their openness to unlicensed magic.

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