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Veldian is the term used to refer to a citizen of the sovereign nation of Arcenveld, which rests on the peninsula above the Pointed Straight. Most Veldians come from either human or elven ancestry, though it is a dynamic and diverse society that also includes dwarves, orcs, halflings and even a small colony of tritons.   Raised in a wondrous society propped up by the power of the wizards and magicians around them, Veldians believe in the power of the arcane to solve their problems, to create a better life and to establish a more equitable world. However, they are also deeply skeptical of magic they view as "uncontrolled" and often stand fervently against sorcery, druidism and even divine intervention. As such, most Veldians are more interested in understanding the magical underpinning of the world than worshipping a deity. They are the least religious people of the Merchant Sea.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Disinda, Steta, Hergelsa, Ermagent, Ildisa, Leddila, Rosalinda, Mada, Farada, Raheida, Appolonia,  Brida, Clara, Duretta, Elsbeth, Enlein, Eva, Fronicka, Gertrudt, Helena, Jonata, Keterina,  Madalena, Margret, Marlein, Otilia, Sibilla, Ursel

Masculine names

Anoff, Launo, Gaudo, Theode, Zillo, Albrecht, Baltasar, Benedict, Claus, Cristoff, Dietrich, Engelhart,  Gerhart, Hans, Heintz, Jeremias, Karl, Lorentz, Ludwig, Marx, Melchor, Moritz, Ott, Rudolff, Segmund,  Symon, Thoman, Ulrich, Wendel, Wilhelm, Wolfgang, Adarard

Family names

Baumann, Bierehasse, Vecherer, Grabner, Kresske, Anderle, Prolla, Distler, Langen, Rahn, Thierse, Faerban, Hest


Art & Architecture

National Colors: Red, White and Black   National Symbols: An Eye Surrounded by a Flame, Mountain Peaks, Two Fists Entwined

Historical figures

Aeyarda (Mythical Founder), Obeus Wisehaven
Related Organizations

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