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worldbuilding, RPGs, writing, gaming, art, tutorials, help & guides

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Currently I, Heffé (aka HefféLive), am undergoing the IRONGORGE HEFFATHON where I stream every day during the Summer Camp 2020 Challenge hosted by WorldAnvil.
However, I usually streams 3 times a week!


Worldbuilding Wednesdays
- Wednesdays 5pm-8pm GMT/BST - Where we worldbuild on a wednesday! It is also where he encourages you to do the same. A mid-weekly worldbuilding workshop stream!
Funday Friday
- Fridays 5pm-8pm GMT/BST - Where we have fun on a Friday! This is my funday gaming stream, where we chat, chill and play games. Games are either singleplay or mutiplayer!
Something Sunday
- Sundays 5pm-8pm GMT/BST - Where we do something (usually creative) on a Sunday! Not only do I enjoy writing/worldbuilding, but I also enjoy drawing maps and pixel art and doing other creative things. This is the stream where I do that
  Of course everything is subject to change; so keep an eye out on my Twitter or Discord Server for the latest news and updates.

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Worldbuilder, Writer, Creator of the Hefflings, Non-Contrarian, Nova of Tequila Starrise, Abuser of Profile Fields

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