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Kris Crester

Played by CC

Kris Crester (a.k.a. compulsiveArsonist)

[/container] Kris is well-versed in lying, and lies to get out of any negative situation, even if it isn't necessary. In public, he acts quite cold, stubborn, and, haha, like a douchebag. Haha. Sometimes he acts needlessly self pitying. Really, in his mind, he has a lot of confidence issues. He stays at home most of the time, in fear he will hurt someone. when he does actually step outside, he gets in trouble (with a stranger or he gets hurt). he goes home with regrets every time. he hates telling people how he actually feels, and prefers to push them away. he doesn't like being rude, but it happens regardless. he speaks before thinking. if someone shows interest in him, he speaks with even less control. he believes he's the scum of the earth, and gets angry at himself and other people a lot. He's a very messy person. Kris is also usually able to tell how someone is feeling, since he had to judge what mood his dad would be in when he was little. In complete juxtaposition to his psychic emotion reading, he is UTTERLY love blind. It gets frustrating for the rare person who tries to communicate feelings to him. this also applies to himself, he wont realize he has a crush until he is literally head over heels. It only takes some genuine care for his walls to break down.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Kris is 5'11", and slightly underweight for his age. His glasses are fake but he never goes out without them. He always wears fitting clothes, and refuses to wear anything baggy. His nails are always painted a cool black. he likes bracelets. He never cares about his hair and doesn't brush it, but he STILL pulls the look off.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

(Possibly triggering subjects in spoiler tags, TW for mentions of abuse.) Growing up, his dad was a con artist. he'd also always steal Kris' birthday money or gifts from other people by making excuses and empty promises. He was often verbally abusive. Sometimes physically when in a very bad mood. His dad was charming and got a lot of people on his side. no one would believe Kris when he told them what his dad does. not even his mom, who was neglective and preferred to go out with her friends than pay attention to her son. His dad died when Kris was 16 due to alcohol poisoning. He found that he only hatred for his father, even standing in the funeral. He thought something was wrong with him for that because of all the great things people told him about his dad. He withdrew from people after that, staying at home because he couldn't even trust his own mind, thinking that no one will trust him/he cant trust anyone. He keeps pictures of his family and old friends in drawers at his house. Pictures of family always has his dad face scratched out in some way.


He works part time as a server at a diner. Sometimes he pickpockets random strangers for extra change, but always feels bad immediately after.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He knows a lot of random facts. It helps keep a conversation going, at least. He may not understand how to properly fold clothes, but he can sharpen a knife with some flair. Those are skills.

Personality Characteristics


He wishes to become mentally stronger, and to make good friends that'll be there for him. Making better choices in life is important too, but he really wants some genuine friends.

Likes & Dislikes

Closed spaces, funny/corny movies, cold weather
Sincerity, feeling jams, loud noises, crying, dancing, quick movement, crowded places, PDA


Clem Bertram

douche number 1

Towards Kris Crester


Kris Crester

douche number 3

Towards Clem Bertram


Kris Crester

douche number 3

Towards Dirk Strider


Dirk Strider

douche number 2

Towards Kris Crester


➠Sexual orientation
"What- why? I dont- haha whats a sexuality"
➠Signature colour
Apricot #EF820D
➠Typing style
He only capitalizes the first word of every sentence. He usually uses full stops but not apostrophes.
"The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."
Deceased father, basically strangers with his mom.
➠Original Planet
Thief of Void


In Person



Character Portrait image: Kris by CC


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