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blazingSunrise + compulsiveArsonist

blazingSunrise played by Link, compulsiveArsonist played by CC
blazingSunrise [BS] has started pestering compulsiveArsonist [CA].
BS: its the c to the b with the k to the c
BS: douche number three spreadin glee to her g
BS: wondrin how he could be after not bein seen
BS: for what i deem on the scene to be in need of vaccines
BS: do you know what i mean, has my meanin been gleaned
BS: does the sheen on my meanin mean it means to be seen
BS: so it would seem, so believe what you see
CA: Oh god. The horse ass has dropped some deadly fires. I feel as though my demise is near. Whats up, clem?
BS: so he lives after all, thats excellent news dude
BS: nothins up dawg, just the same old sky n sht
BS: just saw you were online and realised i havent blessed you with my presence in a while
BS: hows it hangin
CA: Borderline narcissistic as usual, i see. Im doing as good as can be. Which is a pretty mediocre state of being
BS: consider me two conjoined sheets of fckn metal, dude, cause im absolutely riveted
BS: seriously bro dont tell me your lifes been as bland and uninteresting as mine has
BS: i was hoping it was just a down period and not some sorta worldwide voodoo curse damning us all to eternal boredom
BS: i fckn hate voodoo curses man
CA: Ugh. Voodoo is the worst. Im not hemophobic or whatever its called, but purplebloods seem to bring bland or bad voodoo vibes.
BS: what, youre not down with the clown
BS: though yeah i get where youre coming from
BS: faygo slingin fcks seem to know somethin we dont
BS: i get scared that someday im gonna see some troll kid with a painted face holding a little voodoo doll of me
BS: holdin a little pin uncomfortably close to my unmentionables
BS: its a genuine fear dawg
CA: Specifically the unmentionables? Cmon man. At least the eyes or something. Stupid kid.
BS: well i was under the assumption that doll mes helmet is just as bdss and impenetrable
BS: kids probably got the right idea steerin clear of it, its got some wicked voodoo of its own
CA: Your helmet does seem like itd be an ancient cursed relic or something. Is it? Be honest.
BS: of course it is, dude
BS: i plundered it from an ancient tomb when i was but a young girl
BS: little did i know that the chthonic magics within would permanently bind the helmet to my head
BS: to this day, i still havent been able to discover a way to break the enchantment
BS: its a blessing and a curse
BS: mostly a blessing though cause the helmets fckn sick
CA: Lol. I ask a question and you respond with a tale of adventure.
CA: Thanks for messaging me, btw. You made my day less... literally beige. Put a splash of color in there.
CA: Maybe its tinted red now.
BS: not sure if thats a thankable offense but sure, dont mention it cuh
BS: and nah, its cyan
BS: blue blue electric blue mother fckr
BS: reds not a real color
BS: you heard it here first
CA: You know what color actually isnt real? Magenta. It was evented by the human mind.
CA: Random fact of the day. Youre welcome.
BS: what
BS: the fck
BS: are you for real
BS: so the human mind went out to its lab one day and said "time to invent a color"
BS: and after seven days and seven nights of sleepless experimentation and striking things with lightning, out pops magenta
CA: Yeah. Sure. But the color literally doesnt exist in the light spectrum. Its a pretty neat thing.
BS: that shts wack
BS: so like, the fcks it supposed to look like
BS: what if the color magenta was just a big censor bar for somethin our minds dont want us to see
BS: think about it, it makes a lot of sense
CA: I dont know that part. The thought is definitely interesting. What is magenta?
BS: or better yet
BS: why is magenta
BS: or better better yet
BS: what isnt magenta
BS: what rests behind magentas allegedly non existent veil
BS: anyway we should prolly stop before the federal bureau of magentification has us taken out
BS: have you spoken to douche number two lately
CA: Oh... not really.
CA: Actually, not at all. I dont know where he is. Have you?
CA: Ive been worried that hes ignoring me or something. I dont know what i did. Or maybe he got hurt.
CA: I hope hes okay.
BS: who knows, man
BS: hes a mysterious dude
BS: kinda guy who shows up for like one scene in each movie of the fourteen part franchise
BS: fans be makin theories n sht tryna decipher who he is or what he represents
BS: but since the fourteenth movie was such raging ss butter they dont get far enough to reveal the truth
BS: maybe well find the truth though yo, were the opposite of raging ss butter
BS: were like, placated mouth margarine
BS: were gonna fckn sleuth our way to the bottom of this cuh
BS: or like, we could just message him
BS: but cinematically speaking that is significantly less interestin
CA: We are wrathful arm shortening. Cinematically speaking, just message him.
CA: For me.
CA: Im scared hell ignore me.
BS: i get it
BS: its hard to resist the bertram charm
BS: even if he is hiding from the authorities or fakin his death or whatever
BS: ill coax him out
BS: one sec
CA: Thanks, douche 3. The bertram charm is hard to resist i must admit. He cant hide.


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