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Private Memo 1} Cosmic Coincidence

blazingSunrise played by Link, compulsiveArsonist played by CC, timaeusTestified played by Jiro
blazingSunrise [BS] has opened a private memo with two of their chums.
BS: oh no way, looks like we all bumped into each other again through some cosmic coincidence
TT: Woah. Who would've thought.
CA: SHIT hi hello, what a coincidence indeed. What the fuck where have you been dirk?
TT: Off stopping murderous puppets. How about you?
CA: Ive been worried about you and doing basically nothing with my stupid excuse for a life! Couldnt you like, keep in touch at least?
TT: Shit dude, i'm sorry. Preventing puppet murderers is a hard job.
CA: You couldnt take a second to message a friend? At all?
BS: alright guys break it up, im calling the marriage counsellor
CA: Sorry. Im just finding an excuse to be upset.
CA: Im happy youre okay, dirk.
TT: Thanks. I'm going to assume you're like, half okay.
CA:[section:kris] I guess. Im still alive.
CA: Thats good enough for me.
TT: Whats the current status of your alive state?
TT: Does alive mean the bare minimum of basic necessities?
TT: Or are you actually taking care of yourself? Like you should.
CA: You are acting as if i am your responsibility. I will barely stay alive if i want to, dirk.
TT: Well sorry for making sure you're okay.
TT: Am i not allowed to check if my friends are somehow still alive given that response?
CA: Well THANK YOU for caring about me! >:(
TT: I genuinely can't tell if you're being satire or not.
TT: That seemed a bit passive aggressive.
CA: Well LOOK at mr detective man over here! Tell us dirk, tell us how you are so smart! >:(
TT: Magic.
CA: Magic is fake. Therefore, you are an idiot.
TT: Damn, i've been called out on my bullshit. Whatever shall i do.
BS: magic is real as fck bro
BS: have you seen my bars
BS: how can you witness the transcendental flows that pop off my block to rock your socks off and say that magic isnt real
BS: come on, kris, you know better
CA: Okay, clem. I apologize. Your bars extend past our human and troll standards of pure magic.
CA: But thats it. No more magic.
BS: alright fine ill accept this
BS: discounting my obviously enchanted rhymes, magic does not exist
BS: sorry dirk, but that means youre still a dmbss
CA: I hereby officially name dirk as... a clinical fucking idiot.
BS: god damn
BS: i didnt realise it was clinical
BS: maybe if i was the pinnacle of cynical id have picked up on this sooner
BS: but now stupiditys tumours are loomin and ruinin
BS: but my tunes are refusin to lose to these blues, screw the news, its a ruse, yuh
CA: How do you break out into malicious rhymes every two seconds? Is it, like, natural?
CA: The bars keep coming. They never stop.
TT: Why would anyone want the bars to stop?
BS: the bars cant stop once the flow has dropped
BS: i cropped up toppin charts to make you hop
BS: lopped heads run red when my rhymes get said
BS: headless but not dead instead youll rise undead
BS: im incredibly credible in terms of necromantic endeavours
BS: severed heads be bangin to my beats forever
BS: so when you die, dont cry, i wont let you lie
BS: ill put my bars in your neck like im frankenstein, word
CA: Clem. Do you write all of your freestyling down? Or do you just spontaneously rap them, then forget about it?
BS: uh
BS: nothin to really gain from writing it down, i usually just set it and forget it
BS: unless its a particularly sick lyric that gets seared into my brain like a brand to an sschk
BS: why
TT: We really need to get together again so i can give more tables a smack.
CA: And other things, right? Not just you smacking a table over and over?
TT: And other things.
TT: Dont worry, it won't be me just smacking tables, there'll be more to it.
BS: and so, clems "why" was cast into the void
BS: rest in peace
TT: Damn, guess we need to have a funeral.
CA: I was the killer.
TT: Oh shit, a plot twist.
CA: Not really, it was kind of obvious i completely ignored that.
CA: Sorry clem. I was just curious, thats why.
BS: i see
BS: its all cool dawg
BS: but yeah lets meet up in person at some point
BS: just like, dont bring the fckn puppet this time dirk
TT: I'll try.
BS: the fck you mean youll try
BS: just dont
BS: its not like its difficult to not carry a puppet with you to a bar
CA: Dont anger it, either.
CA: Please.
TT: I cant really control where he goes.
TT: Jesus Christ, okay.
CA: Thank you. An unangry puppet means a long life.
TT: Sure, whatever you say.
CA: Whatever im saying is correct.
CA: Take that in a narcissistic way if you will.
CA: But just know my self confidence is that of a purpleblood who has never at least pickpocketed someone before.
CA: Nonexistent.
TT: That was oddly specific.
CA: I got 20$ stolen from a purpleblood the other day.
CA: Yesterday.
TT: Dude.
TT: How do you even.
TT: What.
BS: fckn clowns
BS: theyre too powerful, man
BS: gettin their mirthful digits all up in your ss pockets
BS: weird that theyd even her stealing from you though, theyre prolly way richer than you just by virtue of being a clown
BS: i mean, youre a clown too, kris, but a very different kind
BS: circus centric bllsht aside, do you two wanna do somethin soon
BS: xmas is coming up, could head to a party or some sht
BS: though i usually dont go to parties, they go to me
CA: You are the party, clem.
CA: Im not really a party kind of person.
CA: Maybe i would be now that i have you guys? I think my problem was that i was always alone or only acquaintances were with me.
CA: It sounds fun though.
BS: im gonna just ignore how sad that was
BS: yeah, dude, i am the party
BS: and im gonna take you to the party zone
BS: which just so happens to be wherever the fck i reside at any given moment
BS: so, ill see you two on xmas or somethin
CA: I hope so.
CA: Merry early Christmas.
TT: If I'm not busy fending off puppets I guess I'll see you on Christmas.
TT: I'll try to have Cal murder me another day.
CA: Reschedule your murder calendar, please.
TT: I'll talk to Cal about it.
CA: As much as I hate cal, the idea of you having a conversation with the motherfucker about not killing you is funny.
CA: I hate him a lot.
CA: **IT, fuck, **it.
CA: Its a puppet. Shouldnt be personified.
BS: hey, man, objects are people too
BS: sometimes
BS: i agree, though
BS: get that puppet the fck outta your life dude
BS: how about instead of having him murder you at a later date, you just have him never murder you
CA: We need to officially kill it.
CA: I dont really want dirk to die.
CA: We should search up some magic voodoo to banish a possessed item from this planet.
CA: Uh
CA: Or something.
CA: Anyways, even if the puppet is still as vengeful as ever, were meeting up for the holidays one way or another.
CA: Until then, take care you guys.
CA: See you all on christmas?
BS: yeah
BS: see you guys then
blazingSunrise [BS] ceased responding to memo.
CA: Bye dirk! Dont bail on us.
compulsiveArsonist [CA] ceased responding to memo.
timaeusTestified [TT] has ceased responding to the memo.
blazingSunrise [BS] closed the memo.


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