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compulsiveArsonist [CA] has started pestering timaeusTestified [TT]
CA: I was hoping you would message me first. I worked up a lot of stupid courage.
TT: I see you're sliding into the Strider dms.
CA: I am!! >:(
TT: You said that like it's a bad thing.
CA: Sorry!! >:(
TT: Shit man, you got me all up and laughing.
CA: I SINCERELY doubt that is genuine, but whatever. You got me all up and smiling, then! >:(
TT: Why do you keep putting angry faces at the ends of your sentences?
CA: Because. Its ever so slightly humorous. >:(
TT: I suppose it is.
CA: So, have you talked to clem yet? Or were you too busy doing cool things, like cool dudes do?
TT: I was doin cool things. She was probably doing some cool things of her own.
CA: I havent either. I JUST worked up the balls to message you. I feel kinda bad now, but im sure a famous celebrity would be busy anyways.
TT: Sometimes i wonder what's going on in your brain.
CA: I dont know either! :)
TT: Honestly, same. Doesn't help that my shades are sentient too.
CA: Your... are they murderous?
TT: They're shades. I think all of humanity is good.
CA: Are you sure? It wont become a being, such as a living puppet, and blow up the universe or some shit?
TT: We should be fine. Though Hal is smart, all i gotta do is break my shades and he's gone.
TT: Yes, i named the shades.
CA: Or did the shades name itself?
TT: That is a good question.
CA: D...did they?
TT: I dont think so
CA: Are you completely sure of this?
TT: Nope.
CA: You should stop having a natural attraction to cursed items and such. Stop it!
TT: It's one of my things. Gotta get the cursed shit.
CA: Stop getting the cursed shit.
TT: I cant, dude.
CA: If you are walking down the street and see an ominous item thats definitely reeking of cursed aura, will you take it home?
TT: Yes.
CA: Dumbass! >:(
TT: Not a dumbass.
CA: You would pick up a cursed item that could potentially ruin your life? Or, end the world? You dont know what could happen! Dumbass!
TT: Fair point.
CA: It should be common sense, but okay.
TT: Common sense is something i do not have.
CA: Whoops, me neither. Were a team of legendary dumbasses!
TT: Team Rocket, but we actually get Pikachu.
CA: Holy shit. I feel like im in debt to you just for that sentence. Take my fucking wallet.
TT: Next time i see you in person i'm taking it.
CA: Alright, Ill accept that. Although if i somehow die, you have to give it to clem.
TT: Got it. I'll make sure my sentient puppet doesn't become sentient again
CA: Isnt it already sentient? Can it become re-sentient?
TT: Well, we killed it like, three separate times
CA: Its a puppet. It doesnt seem to die.
TT: Fair.
TT: If i see him in my closet i'm gonna do an acrobatic fucking pirouette off the handle and win an olympic medal or some shit.
CA: Check your closet an be prepared to be thrown at full force off of that handle.
TT: I'm always prepared to be thrown full force off the handle.
CA: Why? Is being harmoniously hurled off of the handle a daily routine?
TT: How'd you know?
CA: Lucky guess. Your life sounds ridiculous.
TT: It is. My bro's always complaining about us being low on apple juice. That's all there is.
TT: Fuck, i heard Cal giggle
CA: Be prepared for your altitude on that handle to sharply deplete.
TT: Should i be scared right now?
CA: Yeah, maybe?
TT: Oh.
CA: Theres a giggling puppet in your proximity after all.
TT: Yeah, good point.
TT: Pretty sure he's on my shoulders. Fuck.
CA: Ill go to your funeral. Pay some ironic respects.
TT: Epic. If i do actually die, tell Clem so that she can pay some ironic respects too.
CA: Noted. Stay safe though, getting killed by a puppet isnt cool!
TT: I'll try.
TT: So he's gone.
CA: Gone, like you cant find him? Or you killed him again?
TT: Pretty much killed him again, then he absconded.
TT: I'm kinda worried.
CA: Dude, run away! Theres a psychotic puppet on the loose!
TT: I'll be fine.
CA: Whatever. Get killed by cal. At least it would be an ironic death, right?
TT: Yup.
CA: Youre just as a delight to talk to online as in person. Riveting responses.
TT: I know. I have such great responses.
They talked long into the night like a buncha awkward duchebags


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