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CC {Gremlin Child}

cc (workin on new names please nickname me)
Gender and Pronouns
*noncommittal hand wave*
games/anime/shows with strong themes on humanity (society, mental illness, etc), basically every niche jrpg i can get my hands on, complex characters/character development, vocaloid music videos, comedy funny haha giggle sillies, old movies (especially when they're shitty) and You ❤️! (unless you're not You) (you know who You is)
Dislikes: people who make the same mistakes over and over and never change. spending more than two seconds on any task. writing this introduction. Triggers: none Squicks: i like pretending i have none Extra: i read every message in every channel no matter how much i missed! if i don't respond to your dm rest assured i am severely hyperactive with my deficit of attention (if only there was a shorter way to say that...) link is my best friend so she's allowed to aggravatedly assault me <3


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