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Cali Clover

Player by CC

Cali Clover (a.k.a. vehementlyVile)

[/container] She's fairly quiet and doesn't say much, usually her sentences are few-worded. When she talks in few words, she has a small stutter. Sometimes, people think she's shy. That isn't all that untrue. She isn't very confident about speaking around complete strangers. However, when she speaks freely, it's always either something offensive or rude. A list of things she can be: arrogant, moody, rude, impatient, selfish, and petty. Around people she genuinely trusts, she will act more kind and affectionate. Though she really doesn't trust just anyone.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

She's usually wearing fashion sunglasses and cutesy clothes. Her hair is always in ponytails with bows pinning it. There's a streak of pink dye in it. Her eyes are a lime green. There's a small scar on her nose. She has a petite body figure, but can still defend herself

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Cali had a pretty normal life. She was the shy one at school. Her parents were divorced when she was young. She generally doesn't treat this as a big deal, as she says her dad is scum. It gave her trust issues. During the Merge, she was separated from her family. Cali was rescued by a group of people helping the helpless. She lived with those people until when she was 16. The group was separated and she had to fend for herself. Luckily, things were already calming down in the world. She learned how to be strong. Her scar on her nose is from a spar session with the group.


Sometimes she models for a small company, but it isn't really popular. It's enough to keep her apartment.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Cali succeeds in battles when it counts. The group she was in did teach her to fight. Her weapon of choice is a garrote wire. Call it dumb, and she will choke you out. Hand to hand combat is a little more than manageable, as she as good eye coordination, but she doesn't have much muscle.

Personality Characteristics


To be a famous model and inspire people like her, helpless and confused.

Likes & Dislikes

Jewelry, cute clothing, sunglasses, fashion, fighting, nail polish
Being asked her sexuality, clashing clothes, creepy trolls, populated places
➠Sexual orientation
" thanks."
➠Signature color
Green #228B22
An ocean wave
➠Typing style
she doesn't put effort into typing but still uses commas and apostrophes, might sometimes use "lmao" or emoticons
Her parents, whereabouts/condition unknown
➠Original Planet
Pre-Scratch Earth
Maid of Void


In Person




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