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The Migration of The Sea Flowers

The Migration of The Sea Flowers is a rare phenomenon happening about every 10 years around the area of The Maiden's Belt , when the warm flow of the Maiden belt's current carrying nutrients finally reaches the end of the archipelago. For one summer the tropical waters glow in light pastel shades of blue, pink, yellow and green due to certain species of tiny jellyfish like squids called Sea flowers gathering near the shore to eat and mate. Both the phenomena of the gathering and the stream enabling this phenomena are called the Migration of the Sea Flowers (latter sometimes goes among the mariners also by the name of the Stream of Flowers), as the old belief is that the current carries the sea flowers with it from the other parts of the archipelago.

The Migration of the Sea Flowers is a much waited time of celebration for the people of The Sea of Tears. It means that the next couple of years will be plentiful when it comes to fishing, as many sea creatures come to eat the plankton and the squids. It is also celebrated among all the people of the area, disregarding culture and language barriers. The biggest festival is held on the island of Malvere.


The Stream of Flowers lasts for one summer only, until all the nutrients have been depleted and the stream continues to run to the other direction, running in the area of The Maiden's Belt and eventually 5 years laters reaching the other end of its cycle near the southernmost coast of Aberronia and The Old Sea. Then it begins a new. This phenomena was born after The Turbulence and it probably has some underlying magical reasons why the stream began to act as it did and the Sea flowers change color: The Old Sea was formed and the great magical Maelstrom near the northern end of The Maiden's Belt was also born, but surprisingly it doesn't seem to affect the flow of the stream at all, which seems rather odd.


The Sea of Tears and The Maiden's Belt area, especially around the biggest city of the area, Malvere.


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6 Aug, 2023 09:35

I'm imagining standing on the shores at night and watching the dance of the Sea Flowers as they glow. Seems ripe for a huge party!

Master Jdebro
James Debro
15 Aug, 2023 07:55

At first, I was thinking this was about actual flowers somehow traveling the sea to another place given the fantasy setting. As I read on, I saw that the Sea Flowers was the name given to a species of jellyfish-like squid. Other than that, a good article.

23 Aug, 2023 13:26

An interesting read! The fact that these "flowers" are really sea animals is an interesting twist. I'm glad that you included references to magical explanations for a few of the aspects that would otherwise seem counter-intuitive based on our-world physics. "It's Magic!" is a great tool for all of us fantasy worldbuilders to have!   The gods of Randomness have chosen you and this article to be part of my 2023 Reading Challenge. Come see what I have to say about this and the other articles picked for my challenge

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