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Princes of the Calamity


The Princes of the Calamity were lead by Tharizdun himself, and there are no equals to him. Each Prince of the Calamity served him, and no prince was above each other, though some feared others more and some managed to gain more power during their reign on the prime material plane.

Public Agenda

The real reason if any for the invasion led by Tharizdun is still unknown to this day, but their goal seemed to be conquering the prime plane and have Tharizdun eventually take claim as its rightful deity. Each Prince below Tharizdun had their own personal goals which did not have anything to do with his plans.


The calamity lasted for 20 long years, and the demons managed to hurt almost every part of it, but during their reign, groups of brave heroes and commoners alike organized and moved people and items around. With many setbacks and hardships, the heroes eventually managed to fight back. Kingdom by kingdom, and demon by demon, they eventually managed to push them back to the black peaks. This is where the last battle of the calamity would happen, and where Tharizdun would be imprisoned. The damage done would be seen for milennia after, but the calamity came to an end, marking the beginning of the 4th age.

The World for Tharizdun

A3 1783 - A4 1

Secret, Occult
Alternative Names
Demon Heads of Dürthang, Tharizdun's Legion
Prince of the Calamity
Notable Members


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