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One of the Temple Cities, Relora is a city of war and creation and honor. Relora is dedicated to the God of War and Honor, Reoldan. The city stands as the line of defense that protects the southern half of the continent from the frozen north and the dangers that call it home. at the heart of the city lies the Iron Theater, a giant iron open-air stadium that is used for training, duels and gladiatorial combat. surrounding the Iron Theater are what the locals call the Ever Forges, roughly 17 forges that have been running continuously for as long as anyone can remember.


Relora is governed by The Warmaster and The Church of the Worn Sword. The Church of the Worn Sword polices the city but leaves much of the maintence and day to day operation to civilian contractors.


The city is surrounded by a massive wall that is roughly 300 ft tall. The city as five gates that have never been penetrated in the history of the city. In addition to that the city houses the The Iron Corps which comprises roughly one-sixth of the population. In times of peace, the Iron Corps patrols the surrounding area, carries out missions for The Church of the Worn Sword and serves as the police force of the city.


Relora was originally a no named camp of poor starving refugees who had survived an attack from Ice Giants from the north. The God Reoldan saw the helpless mortals and took mercy on them. He came to Aloran himself and taught the mortals about combat and honor. Over time he groomed the refugees into well-disciplined soldiers and over time the camp grew larger and larger and one day became the city it is today.


Relora sits in a large fertile valley surrounded by three different mountain ranges. The valley also is the safest and surest way to cross back and forth between the southern and northern halves of Norell.

Natural Resources

The mountains in the region are rich in metals and the valley is used as land for farming and livestock.
Alternative Name(s)
The Iron City, The City of War
Large city
Location under
Owning Organization
The Church of the Worn Sword

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