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The Iron Corps

The Iron Corps are the priests and priestesses of the Church of the Worn Sword. Every member is a trained soldier and they serve as the military force and police force in addition to their priestly duties. Even though every member of the Iron Corps are priest and priestesses, not every member of the Church of the Word Sword are members of the Iron Corps. New members of the Church are required to serve in the Iron Corps for a minimum of five years. Some members of the Church decide to leave the Iron Corps and just handle their priestly duty and Relora's administrative work.


Despite being a religious organization comprised of priests and priestesses, the Iron Corps is organized just like a military.

Public Agenda

The Iron Corps seeks to embody the teachings of Reoldan and protect all that is innocent. The Iron Corps view themselves as the wall that stands between the evils of the north and innocents of the south.


The Iron Corps owns the Iron Theater, several forges, and several barracks for their people. They have roughly 80,500 trained and experienced members.


Before and after every battle, members of the Iron Corps pray to Reoldan over their armor and weapons. They conduct biweekly mass as well.

Granted Divine Powers

Many members of the Iron Corps claim to experience a sense of calm, clarity and in some cases foresight in the heat of battle.

For Iron And Honor

Religious, Other
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
The Church of the Worn Sword

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