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Nio the 7th, Akog, 634 F.A.

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Welcome to Aloran! A world where magic was once sparse as the people began to fear it. To hunt magic and all who pursue it. But no longer! A new age has dawned. An age of rediscovery and growth. But as magic begins to waken from its long slumber so too does the threats of old. Forces and beings long thought extinguished are beginning to reemerge into a weak and changing world. So explore the Wandering Forest of Saladyne, the treacherous waters of Irasil's Bones, The Screaming Jungle of Vederan, The Steel Stockade of Azmera and everything else that Aloran has to offer. For it may not survive what awakens          

Credit for the art goes to their respective artists. Most of the artwork was found on Pinterest and google images. The maps of Aloran were created by me. Many of the races and items were created by other people. Credit goes to their original creators.