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Concept and Written by James Woodwright
A Medic is a member of the Medica who stays there to treats patients in the organisation. They are identified by the brown robes they wear and the University Medallion they carry.



Before the foundation of the University members would show affinity to learning medicine. After the establishment of the University it governed that it was the University Medallion that proves qualification. The University gave the Medica the right to test them further as it was the medallion that proves that the University this the person is up to standard.

Career Progression

Before the University
A person wishing to become a member of the Medica would show an affinity towards medicine. The new memeber would then be taught minor tasks, such as, making Crystallised Honey and tending to plants. Showing eagerness to improve in other areas ensures that they go to those areas.
After the establishment of the University
Once a member from the University gets their University Medallion they head to the Medica, once there, they then show their University Medallion showing that they are qualified in the eyes of the University. The list will then be used.
The List
They will be asked in which area they feel they excel at, and would be tested for that first but all areas of the Medica operations will be tested to see if their efforts are not best put else where. Once this has been found out their second best. Both of these will be part of their duites for the day, this might also mean that they never deal with patients if that was lower down on the list.

Payment & Reimbursement

The payment for the Medic's wages comes from paying for medical care. However in some cases the payment can come from The Tiger of Charity. Payment depends on the number of jobs the Medic does.
Chapel And/Or Temple Payment
In Religious Payments, the Tiger of Charity, whose domain is charity, will pay for those who cannot pay for their medical bill. Donations made at the statue of the Tiger of Charity are put aside.



The Purpose of the Medic is to work in the Medica to treat patients and/or help run the behind the scenes by tending to plants or preparing ingredients.
Appears In
The Artistocracy Chronicles Books 1 - 4
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