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Concept and Written By James Woodwright
A healer is a member of the Medica, unlike the Medic the Healer is a person that travels around Willinghurst Cray on horse and carts in groups or on their own. Their purpose is to treat those unable to get to Draurough to visit the Medica.



Before the foundation of the University members would show affinity to learning medicine and an understanding to geograpghy. After the establishment of the University it governed that it was the University Medallion that proves qualification.

Career Progression

They have a general understanding of how to treat someone but sometimes a trip to Draurough is needed for full treatment.
Effect From The Establishment Of the University
The University has no effect on this profession other than the need to carry a University Medallion.

Payment & Reimbursement

Payment is based on the treatments given the person pay comes out of this when they get back to the Medica. Once there they empty their pockets of coins that are to do with the Medica a float is then given back and their payment given. This pay is then put in a seperate coin pouch.



The purpose of the Healer is to travel Willinghurst Cray and give basic treatments to patients.
Appears In
The Artistocracy Chronicles Books 1, 3 - 4
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