We were sitting with the sheep in the early sun, when suddenly: a Buzzard!
— First recorded attack, 30 MA
  The Buzzards, also known as the Mavet's Limbs of Influence, were the manifestation of Mavet's control in the human realm at the dawn of the mortal age. They were created when Mavet made oath-pacts with humans and used one of their limbs as tribute to summon his monstrous pawns. Depending on the person's most 'rotten' personality trait and which limb was taken, a specific buzzard took form to roam the land, corrupting anything in its path.   Initially, the rotting god used his Black Book as a source for the Limbs to sustain themselves. That was however replaced by his curse, Rikavon when the book was stolen from him by the Albis royal family sometime before the mortal age.   The Limbs served as a portal for his avatar to enter the mortal realm, his eyes to oversee his creed carried out and as a stopping force to keep all the humans in Album. Their steady defeat and annihilation by Saint Ironia of Sheleg is chronicled in the second book of the Black Teachings, Zombie.  
They be to him but three gifts; door, window and wall.
— Zombie 4:14
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