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Mavet, God of Decay

Mavet (a.k.a. The Rotting Divine)

There is an end to every suffering.
— Albian Philosopher
  Malohaveiot, also known as Mavet, God of Decay or the Rotting Divine is one of the Ten Supreme Gods of the Imedina continent, tasked with bringing all mortal matter through the process of entropy. The god uses his Limbs of Influence as an extension of himself to see his will fulfilled in the mortal realm.   He is prominently featured in the Black Teachings as the foe of Saint Ironia the Zombie and all of humankind, until he is ultimately vanquished, giving his title and powers to the saint. However, a majority of the population disregards this and views the status quo unchanged.
Divine Classification
God of Decay
Aligned Organization
Related Myths

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Cover image: The Evil Of Mavet by rikia
Character Portrait image: Mavet, In God Form by rikia


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