Curse of Mavet

Rikvakon (old Albic: Rik'ævon), also known as Rot is a divine curse of the god of decay, Mavet. It is contracted through an oath pact with the rotting god - usually a wedding - and a dismemberment of one of the victim's limbs. This ensures a strong enough connection to transmit the malediction and create another one of his Limbs of Influence.   Once afflicted, the bearer will have their body slowly eaten away by the dark filth forming around the stump. The victim would thus suffer tremendous physical and mental pain, yet would gain conditional immortality to keep its respective Limb alive for Mavet's benefit. Most taken by Rikavon have been said to snap and utterly lose their minds, wandering the world with no direction, away from civilization. Saint Ironia of Sheleg is the sole person believed to have broken the curse and survive, as she ascended to godhood, according to the bible of her worshippers - the Black Teachings.   As discovered by the saint in the Putrid Grove, the destruction of one's Limb does not affect the curse itself.
Rikavon by rikia
Chronic, Acquired
Affected Species

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