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Airship Guild

This Gnomish guild commands the second quickest method of travel in the world. The rock gnome designed airships, manned by forest gnomes, are highly profitable, as they are the fastest method of travel that doesnt involve being teleported. While this option exists for the absolute wealthiest in the world, most dukes, marques, counts, and barons travel by airship, as well as many wealthy merchants. A common person would likely be able to send a message via airship, but actually travelling on one would be out of their reach.
The king of Albion, as well as the rulers of other nations, have private airships that they use to tour the country, but at these levels of power teleportation is an option if nescessary.
The guild protects its airship design with the power of a small nation, they have a fleet of specialized airships that hunt down those that dare to imagine stealing from them.
The airships travel at a cruise speed of around 10 knots, but can get up to 15 with favourable wind.


Commanded by a group of 5 gnomes, the airship guild is split into many seperate local divisions, typically one for each country or area. These operate semi-autonomously, but report to the headquarters if anything goes wrong. These headquarters are a gigantic nomadic airship town, entirerly staffed by gnomes, that slowly travels the regions in which the guild operates. This is where the scout ships are based, and where repairs of anything but the most immidiate nature take place.
If a gnome wishes to join the Guild, they must call into the headquerters when they are nearby. From here, they will work on rather minor work within the headquarters until they have passed 12 years, when they will start working their way up on an airship. Crews typically work together for a long time, getting to know each other and the airship, but if a hint of dissent is spotted, they will quickly be split up and sent to work all around the known world.
Many kinds of roles are available within the guild. The airships of course have the flight crew, mechanics, passanger staff, cargo staff, and guards; and the guild as a whole has many administrative staff, as well as a small army.
The guild doesnt only take those with The Spark, but it does prefer them, as they are excellent mechanics and engineers. Around half to 1/3 of the guild have it.

Public Agenda

To make money and remain in buisness


Around 2000 Gnomish Airships in the entire world, about 140 in albion.
Of these, 1700 are standard, gnomish airships, designed for a mix of passangers and mixed high value cargo.
Around 150 are double size, meant for larger groups of people, more cargo, or longer journeys. Most of these operate between subguilds, with the most common place being on the path to the counterweight continent, but large trade cities can often see one or two of them.
A further 75 are specifically meant for high speed cruise gat 20 knots, but are smaller. These are used mostly internally, but can be hired by those that need faster services.
There are 30 or so private airships, rented on a more or less permanent basis to the richer lords, large guilds, or others for internal matters. These are still staffed by gnomes, but the company renting them may redesign the internals and even choose the gnomes that command it (from the gnomes of the guild).
Another 30 are specially built Gnomish Military Ship & Gnomish Military Troop Carrier Ship. These act as a defense for the headquarters, and are used to attack any force that attempts to disrupt the monopoly of the Guild.
The last 15 are the ships of the Headquarters. These gigantic ships, ranging from double to even triple size, act as the constantly moving hub of the guild. The center of this town is the enormous Hub, an airship so large it can swallow normal airships inside of it. This is where airships are built, and where if nescessary, full repairs are performed.
The guild has wealth equaling or exceeding that of most duchies, and even some kingdoms.

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