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Gnomes are reasonaly rare race, who live mostly near Dwarven or Elven communities, though mostly near hill dwarves or wood elves. They live in warrens in the foothills of mountains or in the lesser forests, furiously tinkering, building and enjoying life. They have a good rapport with the Dwarves, who trade with them large amounts of metals in exchange for food, trinkets and mechanisms. They enjoy communicating with elves, hoping to use some of their endless knowledge for their inventions, but they trade relatively little with them.
Gnomes are also the masters of the sky. They designed and command the mighty Airships that connect the world. A person can travel the length of Albion in but a scant couple of days. One can travel to the far reaches of the world in just a few months. The wonders of the modern world. Needless to say, this has made a small subset of the gnomes very rich.

Basic Information


Gnomes are to elves as halflings are to humans. They appear as simply smaller versions of the larger species. Lacking context cues, one might even mistake one for the other. Like halflings, they have slighlty larger heads proportionally. Gnomes are far cleverer than they look, spouting a well folded brain within their smaller (compared to the larger races) skull.

Genetics and Reproduction

Gnomes have shorter gestation period than an elf, but still long compared to some of the other races. A Gnome will gestate internally for 14 months, after which they give birth to a child. This child still needs a great deal of care for the first couple years.
Gnomes are very non-monogamous, with biological polygamy or polyamory being the closest. They form no bonds, and tend to have children raised by the community.
Gnome females are only fertile occasionally, around once per year, though this time is unknown and heavily obscured.

Growth Rate & Stages

Gnomes grow slower than humans. They only become sexually mature at around 25. Their lives begin with an apprenticeship at 25-30, which they perform until around 40 when they become an adult at begin working for themselves. After this, gnomes will tend to have children before reaching 100, though neither gender becomes infertile until around 160. After this, gnomes are officially old. Most gnomes will see their 200th birthday, but only a few will see their 300th, fewer still their 400th and only the rarest and oldest of gnomes will live to their 500th birthday.

Ecology and Habitats

Gnomes live in two enviroments (3 if you include the Svirfneblin). Rock gnomes live in the foothills of mountains, while forest gnomes live in light forests, though still inside small mounds. The Svirfneblin live deep below the mountains, in the underdark.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Gnomes are omnivorous, with a preference for gathering.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Large, mostly flat hierarchy in a warren.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Found in most foothills of mountains and hilly young growth forests.

Average Intelligence

More intelligent than humans, and even more than most elves.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Gnomes have large, cat like eyes, much like the elves. With these, they can see excellently in low light situations, though they dislike brighter lights.
Gnomes have a deep connection to the weave of magic, much like the elves. Rock Gnomes can create items that function magically without a spark, and Forest Gnomes can bend the weave to show minor illusions. However, only around 1/40 gnomes have a spark. Most of them work on airships, or work to build magical items.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The Airship Guild is the absolute largest guild of the Gnomes, being one of the largest corportations with no ties to any royalty. However, the primary organization for most gnomes is their warren, which functions much like the groups of elves. These warrens tend to be more permanant though.

Gender Ideals

Gnomes are more sexually dimorphous than elves, with similar gender ideals that humans.

Average Technological Level

Individual gnomes have technology far in advance anything else on the planet, assisted by their spark. However, gnomes are incredibly individualistic, especailly when it comes to technology. An incredibly powerful tool for one gnome would be a useless bauble in the hands of another, so each gnomes tends to have to reinvent much of their technology.


Gnomes were created from the template of the Elf, but smaller. They were the second try, the one before humans. They were given an incredible energy, but their long lives made them waste that energy on frivolous exercises, rather than going out and doing things.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Homo Selenus Parvus
350 years
Average Height
Female: 3', Male: 3'4"
Average Weight
Female: 40 lb, Male: 45 lb
Average Physique


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